Ssssh, it’s the library

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Ssshhh, it’s the library!

Okay, so I just realized…wait, not “just” (it’s been known for a while) I’m strange.

I like going to the library.

What’s so weird about that?  I don’t go to the library for the same reasons others do.  In fact, I have not been in some time.  When the kids were tiny, my husband and I would attempt to be good parents, take our kids to the library and check out some books…thinking VOILA, kids will instantly develop a passion for reading.  They will be super smart and we could eventually send themselves out on their own.


I think we’ve taken them a handful of times.  I never had the patience to understand the filing system…and just when I thought I had a grasp on it – in came computers and stuff to complicate.  If I need something in particular, and take time to try and find it, most of the time it’s not there.  Then, I  have to ask someone, and they indicate oh, sometimes it’s put in this section or that section.  Or someone moved it.  Or I’m completely in the wrong section entirely.  So, I don’t ever go with a mission to find a particular book.  Ever.  Although, I must say, the Orange County Libraries “online” system is way cool!

It was easy when the kids were little, here’s the children’s section – go to it – mommy is going to sit in this quiet corner.  Maybe draw with some crayons at this table.  I didn’t have time to read.  So, I used that library time as “quiet time.” – which lasted about 10 minutes because 1 child always needed you.

But as they got older, go explore, I’d say.  As that’s what I do.  I just roam about…going up and down aisles.  I love the bound spines of older books and I like to pull out random books, gaze at them, and put return them to the spot they were.  Sometimes, I find myself tidying up the shelf.  I enjoy the smell of the books.  No, I’m not that crazy going around and sniffing the books…well, maybe once (or twice.)   Just being there, makes me feel intelligent.  I figure as I enjoy the A/C, I will absorb knowledge by simply walking by and touching objects.  Just as I might consider checking out a book or two…

…the kids, attempting to be quiet, do a STAGE WHISPER across the entire sections of the library.  If you’ve taken any theater classes, the first thing they teach is the stage whisper – whispering, but loud enough for the audience to  hear from the stage.  So – it’s loud.  And because it’s a whisper, it catches other people’s attention.

“MOM…HE WON’T LEAVE ME ALONE.” – (sssh) then I find myself gesturing frantically (from the other side of the library) at my son, to move away from his sister.  I get a strange look from a man near me, trying to interpret my mime because I almost smacked him in the process of me silently scolding my son.  (sorry, dude)


Now, I have to go over and tell him to SHUT IT – and then try to assist him. (and now the librarian is frowning at us)  When I finally return back to my exploring, the kids are done and either I just leave or I grab 6 books, because I didn’t  have time to make up my mind about what I might want to read…if I find the time.  It can’t be anything requiring much thought.  Just some guilty pleasure.

Then, I forget to return the darn things.  I might have read or started one…and then It’s back they go.  Because I know this about me…most of the time, I just aimlessly walk around the library touching and smelling.

Besides, I’m a blogger…I’d much rather be writing then reading.  Although, I have been known to “power read” through a book if I like it.  It just doesn’t happen that often.



51 thoughts on “Ssssh, it’s the library

  1. Completely opposite experience.. For me. And I like the old cataloging better.. I read everything in one sitting.. It’s a curse..


    1. but really, sweet to say, but I’m loud. I try to be quiet. But I can’t help it, if something strikes me funny, I start cracking up and I laugh often and I talk loudly if not vigilant. I annoy myself sometimes.


    2. Going to make some signs LOUD AND PROUD. A T-shirt, perhaps? By the way, I noticed you spell certain words with an “s” instead of a “z” like in the United States – was just curious what nation you are in or had your formal education. I think this is common to British area and India? Maybe Canada?


    3. Okay, so we ARE on different time zones? That’s why you keep telling me to get some sleep? When it’s like 3:00 in the afternoon for me?


    4. Well because I work late. Adjusting with States.. And you don’t take care of your health and there is a thing call Siesta. Try it..


    5. Look a few months back. I burned myself out. It became so bad that for a whole year I was greeted with back to back health problems. My parents got sick worried. So I don’t want anyone to take their health for granted…

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    6. Oh. Okay. WEll, don’t do that. I’m actually doing this to help me deal with the issue of moving. (it’s so over-whelming) and I had to take a break. This is my luxury. Actually, at some point, you will miss my presence as I will have to get back to this boxing up stuff and work (hope to God) starts back up again. I just checked and i only had 10 minutes of work. I won’t be able to pay my minimum on the credit cards next month! Eeek. WE are in such debt. We got to hurry and move! Almost 1 month exactly!

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    7. So you mean you won’t blog or will temporarily shut down?Whatever the case I will wait. You are my first pal here. I hope you get tons of work. Besides I too am doing this to help me deal with problem of being, in between jobs. I don’t know if I could blog regularly once It will become permanent. But I will always look for your post. You, Fandango, Jim are really nice guys.. So my first digital pen pal a song that will tell my feelings..

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    8. I removed them. The blog title is not in English, and there are annoying icons everywhere and then english “Fire of Love in between kissy lips and a devil??? I can’t determine what it is.


    9. Well I googled it. It was Turkish.. But yeah good call.. Strangely all his/her likes were stuck at 99. Weird.. My Akismet already caught it as spam before..


    10. I just put that website address on the blacklist for comments. But, they can still follow me again and like things. That’s what irritates me. We should be able to block that person entirely. I think I can go to the site and “report” it – since it’s a wordpress account.


    11. Nah, don’t do it. You never know these guys. Better to ignore them.. Just mark their comment as Spam from the Comment section of Dashboard..


    12. sigh- that option is gone! I can’t see it – it used to exist in the top right corner where you can “report” content. I can’t find it


    13. Yes- you used to have the option, when at someone’s wordpress site. There was a button at the top right corner that you could “report content” to WordPress. For instance, if someone rated their site G and they are posted X-rated stuff? Or for sites thought to be SPAM


    14. It’s still there only they have moved it. You see you open the person website. You see the Follow option. Beside there are 3 little dots. Click on them, the dots(not on follow button) and you could see the option. But I think the site is genuine. He is writing in a Foreign language.. But it’s your choice..


    15. Yes, but the site is somewhat sexual content. And I don’t read that language…so I can’t tell 100 what the content is. But it doesn’t look good. I don’t want a bunch of sites like these coming to my site. So you report just to have WordPress look into a little further – let them decide what’s what.


    16. I saw, it thanks! (Dang wordpress for changing things around) That’s not easy to find. And, it’s exactly how I said – you just offer a suggestion for WordPress to check into it. That’s all. There’s also an option if you feel the content someone is going to hurt themselves? Interesting. There are like 5 options for you to select from and then you have to type a comment.


    17. Well I always go around and teach myself so that I don’t have to ask. It’s a childhood trait I learnt so I can avoid conversation. Sadly. I am proud of my it.. I don’t know why..? But my mother ( I will tell about her in future posts) gives wisdom in her one liners. So she will say, “Only a fool can pride himself for a handful of sand”. Sand means knowledge.. So yeah she will shoot me down to bring me to the ground if needed.. By the way that link was of Beatles Wait..

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    18. Me too – I taught myself how to figure it all out and how to make my own images and upload and then figure their html code so that I could do other things with them. 😉

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    19. Really. I think you should teach yourself that Data Scientist course… It will be an additional skill and an important one.. Hey what’s GOT..


    20. No, you can do it for free. I think I heard in the States John Hopkins University does it through Coursera and other sites. The reason I am saying it is because your employment chances will improve tremendously.. Sadly I can’t do it..


  2. Ok, I am totally eavesdropping on this friendship love fest. You guys are the best people. You feel warm and soothing. Glad to have a sight to look at when Sight11 speaks😆. I used to love the library too until, I like you Sandi, started to owe on over due books! Brother! I was so broke I couldn’t afford to pay back the library. Now that’s dire straights. Now I’ve got two kids who don’t want to schlep to the library because the walk is too long. I prefer to walk for the exercise. Why pay for a transit card when I don’t use them often (I end up losing $ that way)? I’m like you, I figure stuff out on my own(grr! I want to punch my kids in the neck when they don’t want to do the same, as smart as they are) and then ask someone for their take on it 👍🏾. I agree with Sight11, you are perfect and please take care of yourself. You are going to be missed on here when you take your break. Oh, and tell Sight (I don’t see a prompt for me to reply to his comment) that GOT stands for Game Of Thrones.


    1. OHHHH games of thrones!

      Wait back up – so what a nice compliment! Thank you! And we are glad to have you part of our group too, missy-do! don’t think you’re eavesdropping – join right on in! We don’t bite…well, I don’t…I can’t speak for Sighty. He won’t give me his name either. (and neither did you, for that matter.) – I’m gonna have to come up with some nick-names.

      I don’t plan to take a long break, but you just don’t know. I had a meeting today, and I went from NO work to a butt load. So, I need $$ and so I got to get the deadlines done before I move. Will try to be on and talk to ya’ll as much as I can!

      Now, back to GOT – I didn’t know what that meant either but…my hubby said, hey there’s finally a new season. WHAT? And then I couldn’t remember ANYTHING (because it’s been too long) except YOU KNOW NOTHING JOHN SNOW… to which we both laughed…and we started it from the beginning. We’re ragers like that. Aren’t you jealous?


    2. No! CAUSE I’M ONE TOO! Well, technically I will be one, I think. I keep going back and forth between starting from the beginning now, or wait to buy the collection, or wait for the darn thing to end😬😬😬 Being a Libra sucks a mouth full of Warheads😫 Can’t decide😔 And damn these emojis for being an extension of me so easily. They need a sarcastic emoji. That would be a permanent key on my key pad. I don’t need no stink’n letter ‘z’. As you can tell, it’s WAY past my bedtime. I had to catch up on all the posts I missed. I don’t like not seeing every post in my feed with a gold star on it. They also need an emoji face for someone who’s anal. I love me some Sighty😍 I’m a bit intimidated by Fandango 😢-me as I nervously read his comments on my posts. My name is Tricia. I thought I was being this new “I’m Coming Out” persona on here, but I haven’t fully comitted yet. A part of me still lies dormant. Still baptize me with a nickname. It’ll be like when Rizzo gave names to the Pink Ladies💄👠 Oye Vay! I’ve got to get some sleep😴 No more talking!

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    3. TRICIA! I just woke got my coffee (and put away some dishes, made the bed and got my hubby off to work – so that he thinks I’m doing something! Tee-hee) – so nice to meet you Tricia. I’m going to write that down so I remember. And yes sarcastic emoji. need.

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