Motel Hell

My son is a lot like me, enjoying horror movies.  I introduced him to all the classics, first off, Halloween (the original) of course.  It’s still my favorite of all time.  Then immediately, followed by the sequel, which was even better!  He worked his way through the SCREAM series, and all the others.  (except we don’t own any of the Friday the 13ths)    We have Children of the Corn, which still freaks me out.    So, we own some of the classics like Exorcist, etc.

My daughter, on the other hand, cannot stand anything remotely scary or even too sad.  So, this weekend, we watched our best friends’ kids.  Both the 11-year-olds (neither fans of scary) played in the room and watched Netflix off the laptop.  Meanwhile, the 13-year-olds had the living room to power watch Child’s Play, and SAW.

I had forgotten about Chuckie.  Now, watching it, it’s actually funny.  The whole SAW thing is pretty gruesome as you move through the series, it becomes more gory.

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The above reason is why, when I saw today’s daily prompt of SOIL – I immediately thought horror movies.  There’s a campy one I’m thinking of…It didn’t get famous like Halloween, The Exorcist, or Chainsaw Massacre.  It was more B movie, but to a 9 year old, watching in the dark, for the first time it was released in 1980 (it was cutting edge – get it- cutting!)  and made it to the pay channel on ON/SELECT TV (before HBO there was Z- television, On, and Select). – does anyone remember Motel Hello?  Well, the O burns out on the marquee sign and becomes Motel Hell.  What made it hellish was the owners, would make the highway unsafe, so travelers would crash, and then they would bury them alive …  A garden, with special soil, a cabbage patch of HUMAN HEADS!  That’s the special ingredient in Farmer Vincent’s smoked meats, which they would sell to guests at their motel.

OMgawd – it looks like you can watch the entire movie on You Tube.   Haaaa, I got it playing right now!   It was considered they would do a remake of this movie in 2015, but they couldn’t agree on a story line and it’s still being contemplated.



23 thoughts on “Motel Hell

    1. You were there on my comment section at 11.00 p.m yesterday(your time). I said Sleeeeeeeeppp. It’s like shouting in space.. Seriously stop doing that


    2. Yes, my husband had on a show that I just can’t get into Stephen King’s MIST? I’m partially watching it and then get bored, so I hop on computer while half watching.


    3. Oh, OK but keep it back in your mind. Maybe after this year it’s not free here.. So you will say ‘Sayonara’ to blogging, but didn’t tell for how long?


    4. oh, I don’t know. I got stuff coming up…We move August 23rd out of state – and work will start back up, as school starts – school’s fundraisers. I might pop on here and there. I need to get settled first. We’ll be in between houses and stuff.


    5. Anyway It’s time you take care of yourself and don’t let the kid watch Horror movies. Instead play that movie of the pig, what’s it called..??


    6. Charlotte’s Web? We own that and they watched it as kids. 🙂 Horror movies are awesome and so are thrilling roller coaster rides! My boy is like me – we love that stuff!

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    7. Yeah, but also that in which a pig became a sheep-dog. Horror movies are great but only when supernatural is involved.. Like It(I hope they make it a good movie)…I always yawn easily with horror movies..


    1. Oh, the couple – I’m playing it while I’m typing and they are hysterical. Their smiles and he socks her in the gut when she almost spills the “beans” about what makes their product so good. It’s funny.


  1. Forget the Bates Motel, that place was friendly compared to what pounces on today’s wayward travels……I mean, have you seen what they pass off as free breakfast? Reminds you of that scene in Alien….

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  2. Horrors are THE BEST!!!! They can be funny as hell! I laugh…a lot. The thrillers are what get me sometimes. Suspense can be quite unnerving. I watch horror movies when I need to chill, wind down, meditate. I’m curious about that movie Sandi. Think I’ll watch before going to bed tonight.


    1. Well… you’ll be laughing at this one. I laughed at Child’s Play and Chuckie – because so old and silly. This Motel Hell is very campy. I’m surprised it didn’t get a cult following, like Attack of the killer tomatoes, the Slime, etc. The couple is actually very funny. And that You tube is surprisingly good quality! Thrillers are fantastic, as long as I’m alert enough to follow any complicated story line. Time travel can lose me if I’m not paying attention closely. Or something goes over my head. My husband has been watching that Stephen King MIST. show. I just can’t seem to get into it. Hey, if you like Netflix (I’m a junkie) – those Neflix original shows are fantastic! There’s the crime thriller the Killing – very good (and sad about detectives investigating a murder) I’ve rewatched it a couple of times.


    2. It’s actually on my list, The Killing. I’ve been whittling away at my list while simultaneously adding to it. Insane in the membrane, I know. I want to clear the movies and documentaries so that I can binge on the series. I get lost with time travel too. The Mist may be too much brain frying for me. Never gravitated towards Stephen King. His work always seemed too complex for me. M.Night is more my speed.


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