Discussing with hubby when we should pick up our Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving…my 14 year old’s theory of why we should pick it up now…

“So I’m thinking about pie…and I really think you should get it before Thanksgiving…so we have it for 3 days…you know like that formula of PI 
3.something-something… Means 3 days of PIE! “

So, who’s up for that logic?

This just happened last night, and reminded me so much of when my son was just toddling, and talking, not forming complete sentences yet…and after his first taste of pie (thanks to grandma)  Whenever he’d hear the word… He’d come wobble walking, as quick as his chubby little legs would carry him, calling out in earnest…

“I pie.  I pie…ma, I PIE.”

And would pat my leg for a delicious bite, and he’d wiggle his body a bit, back and forth as he chewed… and sometimes would lose his balance and fall on his diapered bottom.  But he’d pop back up for more!

A series of post leading up to Thanksgiving day…

Don’t take candy from friends!

Hey, my grrrs.

So, as kids, our parents always told us, “Don’t take candy from strangers.” However, in this generation, we have to now say, “Don’t take candy from anyone without checking the label first.”

I just watched the TODAY show, and the first thing on is about POT SUCKERS. Just one more thing I have to fucking worry about…actually, it’s candy, in general, now that Pot is legalized in several places (like CA and OR) Apparently, the candy is identical to regular candy.  You can’t tell the difference, they infuse / inject gummies, etc. with high concentration of cannabis oil.  People are leaving these in their car, and house and little kids and teens are going to the hospital for ingesting these with very high heart racing issues.  Who only eats just one sugary gummy?

Now, I don’t have anything against legalized pot.  I treat it as alcohol.  You have to be responsible.  Don’t drive/operate machinery.  But now, I have to put my faith into several someones who might be responsible users – only taking when home and staying home / but what about when they are careless with the product?  They need to lock it up, because the appearance is exactly of regular candy.

They now fear that more kids are going to go into their pantry cabinet, grab a bag of cookies/candy and take them to school, like middle school (my kids are in middle), and offer to their friends…not realizing it’s infused with cannabis.

So now…not only have I told the kids – don’t take drugs, don’t “eat” anything from anyone…I even went so far as to say, don’t even accept an opened bottle of water.  If the seal is cracked, don’t take it, because you don’t know if someone put something in it!  …but you know if a “trusted” friend is going to offer them a stick of gum, or a piece of their mentos candy, they are going to EAT IT.  Because their friend wouldn’t do that on purpose to them.  BUT…what if that friend found the treat on their kitchen counter, or mints on the nightstand…no clue their parent or older sibling brought home drugs.

I guess I’m going to have to show the video to my kids, and tell them don’t eat anything without checking the label first.  And look for cannabis in the ingredients or picture of the pot plant.  If there’s no package or can’t read it – don’t eat it, as rule of thumb.  Like act as if they allergic to peanuts and have to check everything.

Instead of “Wait, does this have nuts?”  It’ll be… “Wait, does this have pot?”

Flush Hysteria

This post was inspired by Sight11’s recent post.  I recalled a memory from my youth.

There were a group of us girls that hung out in junior high, about 8 of us.  We’d all attend each other’s birthday slumber parties.  This particular memory was at Jamie’s house.

Jamie’s dad was a construction worker.  They had a unique house that required you to enter through their side gate / side yard to their side door to the kitchen.  Their backyard was designed to be the front yard.  Where it was fenced and had a pool.  No one ever went through the front door, partly because they couldn’t find it, the other primary reason they had a fierce Shar Pei that hung out there.  It was mean, and didn’t like anyone.  If Jamie was in the room, they would let the dog in and all of us sat there too still, afraid to move.  AND it smelled.  Badly.  The fur was always falling off in chunks and that made it worse.  The entire house needed to be aired out.  It stunk like stale dog.

So, here we were at her house for her 13th birthday slumber party.  Thankfully, the dog was put outside for the night…and when we relaxed, inevitably, someone had to  use the potty.  One girl came out, embarrassed:

“Um…Jamie, I don’t know how to flush your toilet.”

Water Tank resembled a cuckoo clock

So, I laughed because I had already been given a lesson on that before …construction worker dad / and interior designer mom opted for the tank to be high up on the wall, resembling a cuckoo clock.  It had two chimes that hung down.  You would grab and pull the wooden handle of the highest lever down, which would make the other lever/chain go up.  And then there would be this horrendous WHOOSHING sound – that made you feel you were going to get sucked up in the vortex swirling down the drain.  (essentially flushing yourself)

I ran out of there the first time I pulled the lever.  AAAAAAGHGHGHGH.  Jamie laughed about that for many months.

So, she gave a demonstration to everyone.  And they all had startled reactions.  Later in the night, in our sleeping bags, Donna pointed out:

“Hey, Jamie.  There’s something wrong with your goldfish.”

8 pairs of eyes went to the fish bowl…and the lifeless body floating belly up…  I had watched Michelle earlier, feeding the fish, and I suspect she over-fed it, but I kept that thought to myself. We all gathered around THE toilet.  Yup.  All 8 of us squeezed into the bathroom.  As we poured Goldy into the bowl…Jamie was sad, oh.  My fish.

…and then, nothing.  We all looked at the fish swirling to a stop in the toilet and floating back toward the surface.  Each of us kept staring inside the bowl and then at one another…WHO was going to do the DEED?  Jamie was too sad to do it herself.  The guests were all fearful of the sucking monster ready to roar.  I couldn’t stand looking at the poor dead creature any longer, and finally grabbed the handle and yanked…

RAHHHHHHH – and Jamie’s parents watched 8 screaming teenagers pushing each other, stampeding from the bathroom!




Today’s Daily prompt of Lollipop.  Seriously, who didn’t immediately have this song ‘pop’ in their head!

When my mom and dad divorced (I was about 5 or 6) and my mom listened to Rolling Stones, The Doors, Beatles, and other similar bands like Jefferson Airplane, etc.  Then, my dad would pick me up for his weekend…and it was either an 8-track of Elvis Presley playing, or KEARTH 101 (oldies but goodies station)

So, I ended up having passion for, pretty much, all genre of music.  I love the innocence of “bubble gum” rock.  And this song was SO FUN… because you learned to put your finger in your mouth and make a POPPING sound. That’s what my dad and I did for entertainment.  (I’m sure my mom loved when I returned home and had to demonstrate my new skill (over-n-over)  I won’t dare show this to my kids.

Ssssh, it’s the library

Hey my grrrs!  The below article was inspired by Sight11’s post

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Ssshhh, it’s the library!

Okay, so I just realized…wait, not “just” (it’s been known for a while) I’m strange.

I like going to the library.

What’s so weird about that?  I don’t go to the library for the same reasons others do.  In fact, I have not been in some time.  When the kids were tiny, my husband and I would attempt to be good parents, take our kids to the library and check out some books…thinking VOILA, kids will instantly develop a passion for reading.  They will be super smart and we could eventually send themselves out on their own.


I think we’ve taken them a handful of times.  I never had the patience to understand the filing system…and just when I thought I had a grasp on it – in came computers and stuff to complicate.  If I need something in particular, and take time to try and find it, most of the time it’s not there.  Then, I  have to ask someone, and they indicate oh, sometimes it’s put in this section or that section.  Or someone moved it.  Or I’m completely in the wrong section entirely.  So, I don’t ever go with a mission to find a particular book.  Ever.  Although, I must say, the Orange County Libraries “online” system is way cool!

It was easy when the kids were little, here’s the children’s section – go to it – mommy is going to sit in this quiet corner.  Maybe draw with some crayons at this table.  I didn’t have time to read.  So, I used that library time as “quiet time.” – which lasted about 10 minutes because 1 child always needed you.

But as they got older, go explore, I’d say.  As that’s what I do.  I just roam about…going up and down aisles.  I love the bound spines of older books and I like to pull out random books, gaze at them, and put return them to the spot they were.  Sometimes, I find myself tidying up the shelf.  I enjoy the smell of the books.  No, I’m not that crazy going around and sniffing the books…well, maybe once (or twice.)   Just being there, makes me feel intelligent.  I figure as I enjoy the A/C, I will absorb knowledge by simply walking by and touching objects.  Just as I might consider checking out a book or two…

…the kids, attempting to be quiet, do a STAGE WHISPER across the entire sections of the library.  If you’ve taken any theater classes, the first thing they teach is the stage whisper – whispering, but loud enough for the audience to  hear from the stage.  So – it’s loud.  And because it’s a whisper, it catches other people’s attention.

“MOM…HE WON’T LEAVE ME ALONE.” – (sssh) then I find myself gesturing frantically (from the other side of the library) at my son, to move away from his sister.  I get a strange look from a man near me, trying to interpret my mime because I almost smacked him in the process of me silently scolding my son.  (sorry, dude)


Now, I have to go over and tell him to SHUT IT – and then try to assist him. (and now the librarian is frowning at us)  When I finally return back to my exploring, the kids are done and either I just leave or I grab 6 books, because I didn’t  have time to make up my mind about what I might want to read…if I find the time.  It can’t be anything requiring much thought.  Just some guilty pleasure.

Then, I forget to return the darn things.  I might have read or started one…and then It’s back they go.  Because I know this about me…most of the time, I just aimlessly walk around the library touching and smelling.

Besides, I’m a blogger…I’d much rather be writing then reading.  Although, I have been known to “power read” through a book if I like it.  It just doesn’t happen that often.


What’s 100 years?

honking the horn “err-ah-errrr-ahh”

The local movie theater does their summer movie series, where they show animated movies for just a $1.00.  It’s fun to see favorites again, while sitting in a cool theater.  I’ve been contemplating having my kids go by themselves as an exercise in independence.  However, my son (now 13) has decided he’s much too old and refuses to go.  And this week is a set of movies I don’t care much to see.  So, my husband comes home and inquired what was on the schedule for tomorrow…going to the movies?  I immediately said not me, but our daughter was going to meet her friends there.  When asked why I wasn’t going:

“I don’t want to see Rango 2”

“Rango?  Oh Rio 2?”

“Same thing?”

I indicated she was going to walk, but that I was having second thoughts, because it seems kind of far and she’ll be by herself.  But then, I remembered, I was riding my bike all over the city when I was 10.  She’s almost 12, so she should be fine, right?  My husband replies:

“Yeah, but it’s 1917 now.”  


“Really…So … she needs a proper escort?  Ensuring she doesn’t dress up like a Flapper Girl and pick up a new mobster boyfriend along the way?  They shall have a smashing good time going to the Piggly Wiggly to pick up some pep pills, and get completely blotto before hitting the dance hall and maybe shooting-up the place and end up dead and buried?”

He just stared at me for a second,  “Yeah, you better go with her.”