Road Trip!

That’s right…bring on the KING

“Bright city gonna set my soul, gonna set my soul on fire.”

I’m acting excited because I’ve agreed to go with my hubby on a business trip for a few days.  He has to meet his sales rep there on Monday.

Now, I’m not necessarily excited to be going to Vegas in particular for the main reasons others go.  I remember, back in the day, when in our early 20’s you could go there pretty inexpensively.  I never was a BIG GAMBLER because I never had the funds to be…Everyone antes up for a room, and you could sit at a slot machine and hang out for a bit and get a couple of free drinks pretty quickly.  You could go to one of those all-you-could eat buffets, for next to nothing.  Hang by the pool and walk around the strip easily enough – cross streets anywhere – and just take a little of your meager earnings to make it work for a weekend away with your pals.

That’s not the case anymore.  You can only get a decent room rate during the week.  You could be hanging out all day at one of the tables or slot machines and see the waitress ONCE maybe twice in between hours.  Those all you can eat buffets, are not inexpensive anymore.  Even some pools charge you an entrance fee, or an extra charge for towel.  And the city has blocked off the streets so that you can’t cross the street anywhere you like (safety feature, I  know) but at the same time, with added construction…there are areas that the sidewalk is so dang crowded, you feel like cattle being herded.  And when it’s hot…and there’s nowhere to go because sheets of wood barriers have been installed next to the street.  Being short, I get very claustrophobic and worry I’ll be trampled.

I did discover that Disneyland like aerial tramway last time.  Pretty cool with the kids, but again, the whole part of the Vegas thing was walking and looking around…but not now.  Besides, with my injured heel, I think I’ll be riding the tram.  Or making my honey pay for a cab.  (on work’s dollar)

I’m mainly going because I need to get out of the apartment I’ve been cooped up in, and the kids will be visiting their auntie for a couple of days.  I’ll enjoy the amenities of the hotel.  And some time with my hubby at the end of the day.

If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll see REBA so that I can tell her all about my blogging pal, Jim, at Random Writings on the bathroom Wall.  We’ll share a soda pop…while I burp-sing Jimbo’s praises.

I’d really love to see the flying Elvis’ – wait, that’s fiction and from the movie Honeymoon in Vegas…WAIT, no it’s not! (just looked it up)  They are real AFTER the director of Honeymoon in Vegas hired a group of sky divers and he had them dress up as Elvis.

In fact, they have performed near us in Newport Beach, CA!  Who knew!  But I guess it’s not a regular show, but a group you have to hire.  They are called the flying Elvi!  Hahahah.  What a great movie to watch tonight to get us amped up for our 5 hour drive on Sunday.

Christmas in July

Ornaments lie dormant in your garage for a year, unless the wife breaks out all the color and festiveness making it Christmas in July.

I have always heard this term, but never really knew what it was.  There’s actually a Wikipedia page.  This term popped in my head, as we are in the process of reducing items for our big move!

I went through all the Christmas items, and my gawd!  When did we accumulate so much?  I decided 3 big bins was plenty.  The follow items, did not fit in the bin, some because I just couldn’t make it fit (others, I didn’t want to fit)  Thus – let’s see if anyone wants to buy it!

Some items were from kids’ events/young kiddo days that they are now too old for, or the item is just old.  Other knick-knacky stuff are gifts received from my mother-in-law.  When Grandma works at Target, with her employee discount, senior discount, and hitting the $1.00 section…the kids get all sorts of interesting items, like a Holiday Darth Vader (in Santa cloak) bobble head!


Funny side note:  One year, we got a bath towel.  (just one, no matching other or hand towel or wash cloth – later to discover my hubby’s sister got the other towel – so one of us just passes said towel to the other to make a set)

Grandma is very fond of handing out her own cheap stockings every Christmas or little hand bags.  These items always has some strange looking tangerine or orange (that is on its last legs) and random other stuff with weird chocolate pieces.  Hand sanitizer, deodorant but the kinds they don’t want to use – random things from the dollar store.  I’m forever stating,

“Dump out, okay don’t use that product.  Toss that.”  I feel like it’s Halloween and we are inspecting our candy!

Typically these stockings include a gift card to Target….which, honestly, a hug and gift card is sufficient.  Save your $$, we don’t need the stockings.  But, part of us are intrigued to see what lies-in-wait that year. (it’s great future blogging material)  Except, my hubby never wants to get rid of anything!

Unfortunately, for me, he woke early before I could snap these photos and put away the items – him none-the-wiser.

“Wait, what are you doing with all this?  You’re not getting rid of all this are you?  I want that beer mug ornament.”  (a joke I purchased one year and attached as present wrapping decor)

“No, hon, just blogging about it.”  

Sometimes, you just have to fib to the person who is a pack-rat and can’t bare to part with things that he won’t even notice are gone…except that damn beer mug now.  He’ll be looking for that specifically!  (ugh) I’ll have to find the storage boxes and squish that in there.

**update, sold everything for just $5.00 to a mom who’s daughter is a Special Education Teacher and has holiday decor, but nothing for December!  So win/win!

Move along

Check out the above amazing doll house.  Santa brought this for my daughter one year, where it would take up a good portion of our living room for many more years.  When it became more of a dust-collector vs. toy, my husband would disassemble, found an old microwave box, and would store into the garage.  Every so often, he would break it out, and the kids would pretend to help daddy reassemble.  My daughter would play with it on occasion, and then the cycle would repeat.  Disassemble/store/reassemble.

Except, now she’s older and when we sold our condo two March’s ago, it has been boxed up in our apartment garage.  Because we are reducing to prepare for our out-of-state move, we’ve been going through every box and HEY!  I forgot about this!

So, I told my husband, put together so I can snap photos of it and sell on one of those online garage sales I had recently discovered via Facebook.  I’m part of 6 groups now.

**Side note:  This is apparently going to be my 3rd installment of not giving away everything to Goodwill, but not liking garage/yard sales, to discovering online garage sales**  Click here to see the other two posts.

Immediately, my husband (the hoarder) gasps.

“Sell it?  Why?  It’s something we can put together!  We can have the kids put it together as activity this summer.”

I burst out laughing, because my mind flash-forwarded to thinking about our kids attempting that.  First of all, our daughter never enjoyed legos (so that won’t really interest her, unless I or dad or doing it with her) and my son did love legos, but there’s no instructions to the doll house (and he’s now a teenager, to get him to do anything)…AND most of all,  our kids fight.  I can assure you, that would turn into a more wooden disaster.  Someone would end up being staked, and that someone would probably end up being ME for trying to break up a rumble.

“We don’t need to keep the doll house just because it’s a cool thing to put together.  We have tons of Star Wars, Ninjago, and some other brand of Legos!  But, you can try to get them to work on this today, because I do need it assembled so I can sell”

Did the kids help?  NOPE.  My son, as predicted, quickly lost interest when there were many pieces and no instructions.    (and of course, we couldn’t find the manufacturer name on any piece of wood, and couldn’t find the exact one online – it’s been too many years)  My daughter was only interested AFTER dad put it together.  She then rearranged the furniture for about 7 minutes, because that’s what we women do, and went back in her room!

I rearranged the furniture some more (for pictures!) as my husband looked online to see the value.  HOLY COW.  Hand made wooden houses go for a lot – At least $120 for the house itself.  Another $100 for the furniture/people.  And, none of the houses we saw were nearly as cool as this.  All the windows, doors, and furniture doors opened/closed.

So we decided on listing for $60.00.  If no one was interested, we’d just keep as cool decor in our new house.  My daughter still liked it.  We wouldn’t sell for less.

Immediately, two people wanted it.  Our friend started her own Montessori Preschool, and said it would be perfect for one of her preschool classrooms.  She came over to collect.  I feel weird about selling items to friends.  I feel I should just be “donating” it to her classroom.  However, summer work is very slow for me and I need the cash from selling our stuff.

Fortunately, this family is particularly well-off financially, so not only did she give me $60.00, but an additional $5.00 to my daughter directly, since she was having to part with something special.  What a great lady!

Anyway, my husband goes to help my friend move it into her car.  The House has a handy-dandy handle.  As my husband goes to pick it up, the support wood breaks and the roof COMES OFF as the remaining house bangs to the ground! OMG. I look at him in dismay, hold pieces of the roof…and then back to my friend:

“Let me give you back your money.”

She, of course said, slow-down…not so hasty.  She wanted it and it was nothing wood glue couldn’t fix.  We both laughed and accused my husband that he did that on purpose, because he never wanted to part with a good toy.

After inspection, yes, the original sealing had just come loose on a support beam.  It was just one piece, unbroken, that needed to be glued.  WHEW.

In response to #SoCS / Linda Hill Saturday challenge / Using sealing

Fence without a gate

Wait, I don’t understand.  How much for the fence again?  Something didn’t sound right.  Confusion spilled over me, and across the table the home builder broker restated,

“$30 a ft for the fence…”

WOW, okay, still seems like a lot.  Um, so how big is our back yard, and how much total would that be…except they can’t tell us, because they won’t know until later, and depending on if neighbor decides to have fence, etc.  And at that time, they hadn’t sold all the lots yet:

“…And $300…no, they just increased it, $500 for the gate.”

Wait!  There it is again, CONFUSION.  What?

“So… a gate… isn’t part of the fencing price?  Not included? ”

The broker confirmed items were separate in price.  All she wanted to do was check off her little bubble and charge us and move on to the next custom selection.

“Okay, so maybe we can just get the gate then?”

The broker looked at me with a blank stare. “Without the fence?  Just want to buy the gate?”

Exactly my point.

Who buys a fence without a gate?  And why wouldn’t that be  included in the fencing price?  And an additional $3,000 for “landscaping,” which means a little grass with some bark.  We’re moving in October – grass is going dormant anyway.  No wonder people aren’t getting backyards.

We decided NO-to-the-hell-no.  I don’t think so.  Guess we’ll just have some dirt for a while.

The builder recently gave my  husband the phone numbers of our soon-to-be-future neighbors (both sides of us) to discuss fencing options, since we’ll share a side.  GUESS WHAT, my little grrrs…. what does one of them do for a living?

He builds homes!  WHAT?

Builder Bob is all grown up and lives next door!  (Yea…Snoopy happy dance)

He is going to do his own fencing, and we’ll pay him to finish our non-shared sides.  Then, his brother-in-law, is a landscaper.  So, we’ll pay less, for better work!  And he is keeping an eye on the guys doing the work on his house and agreed to watch our house too.  He has been telling some of the workers,

“Hey, you need to do that better.  Redo that.  And clear the backyard of boulders.”

Thank you neighbor for watching in our absence!  We’ll buy you some beer and cook up some BBQ when our backyards are done!

Count down has started… we move to Oregon in 1 month.  House is supposed to be done Oct./Nov.



What in the Blazes happened?

Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto challenge                           (photo source unknown)

How did I find myself here?

Her death was an accident.

But how does one explain to the authorities, when they aren’t even certain what happened themselves? Although not intentional, the end result is still the same, ultimately, my fault. No one would believe my outlandish story. Wrapping my own mind around it, was proving difficult.

And now, I find myself purposely destroying evidence, my panic rising with the flickering flames, as they grow into a full blaze. The red glow mesmerizes my tortured soul.

How did this happen?

Response to  #writephoto / Thursday Challenge / Sue Vincent


Today’s Daily prompt of Lollipop.  Seriously, who didn’t immediately have this song ‘pop’ in their head!

When my mom and dad divorced (I was about 5 or 6) and my mom listened to Rolling Stones, The Doors, Beatles, and other similar bands like Jefferson Airplane, etc.  Then, my dad would pick me up for his weekend…and it was either an 8-track of Elvis Presley playing, or KEARTH 101 (oldies but goodies station)

So, I ended up having passion for, pretty much, all genre of music.  I love the innocence of “bubble gum” rock.  And this song was SO FUN… because you learned to put your finger in your mouth and make a POPPING sound. That’s what my dad and I did for entertainment.  (I’m sure my mom loved when I returned home and had to demonstrate my new skill (over-n-over)  I won’t dare show this to my kids.