Old Man Jones

“Old Man Jones was not crazy.”

Driving miles through the desert, I pulled off to rest at a diner near the highway. Just as I took a seat at a booth, something hanging on the wall caught my eye.  Is that a boot spur?

As the waitress poured my coffee, her gaze followed mine.

She chuckled, “Oh, there’s a good story for that. One day, Old Man Jones came running in the front door, just like Chicken Little, exclaiming the sky was fallin.’ And we already thought he was crazy, so we paid him no mind, and got him his breakfast. Then he held up that boot spur, right there, and told us that was his evidence. He claimed It fell from above and the spur nearly spiked him in the head. At that point, we figured he had lost his last marble. His daughter, Josephine, was called to come get her daddy. And we went on with our day.

Now about a day later, a big, fancy truck pulled up and the driver got out and announced he was looking for a boot spur that apparently fell from his little airplane. He was performing some tricky maneuver, and it was one of those planes where the cockpit area is open, so when he did one of those barrel rolls, out one flew. I guess he had forgotten he had them on, until he was in the sky – he took ’em off, and set them on the side of his seat!  He estimated it fell out in a certain mile radius, and he was checking the surrounding areas. See, he was the professional bull rider, Fierce MaCoy, and those were his lucky boot spurs. Apparently, he had a big event coming up and he was a bit superstitious, wearing them all the time. He was very motivated to find the missing one. Even offered a reward.

Of course, I told him what were the chances, that we did, in fact, know where that spur was.  And that he needed to be more careful, because he could have killed someone.

We apologized to Old Man Jones, who eagerly handed the spur to Firece MaCoy.  In return, all he wanted were tickets to the event, which Mr. MaCoy happily provided, which also happened to be his last event. Cuz he was retirin.’ Afterward, Mr. MaCoy gave that boot spur back to Old Man Jones as a souvenir, which he carried around with him until his dying day, as proof that he was NOT crazy.  After his funeral, Josephine donated the boot spur to our diner in memory of her daddy.”

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto challenge / week 10-19 boot spur / 433 word count


Manic Monday #7 Challenge – Hello Again

For those that enjoy challenges, and if you like music… you might have some fun with this.  It’s called Manic Monday.  Welcome to the 7th installment!

Each Monday, I’ll present a new song title, and you come up with a post using it by next Sunday. Ping back to this post, so others can read!  I just got back to blogging, so this is a few days late!

If you are not a WordPress user, provide link to your post in comments.

It can be fiction/non-fiction, poetry, subject can be dark, serious or humorous – however many characters you want- just have fun with it!  It doesn’t have to pertain to the song, whatsoever. (click here for past song titles)

The rules are…there are no Rules!  (except using the title of the song part)

Since I was on hiatus – the whole relocating to a different state…which put me in a different state-of-mind, let me tell you!  I’m hoping I’m back…even if in bits…

I’ve always loved The Cars!  They were considered one of the first “new wave” bands.  It only seems appropriate to pick “Hello Again.”

Maybe you guys can tell me how great it is I am back, and how wonderful I am, and how much I was missed!  (tee hee)  On a serious note, this song was about sex and violence that was reflected in videos of the time, which falls in line with the whole bringing attention to sexual assault and the #metoo campaign of today.

The 80’s hair cuts and attire in this video is AWESOME, and was directed by Andy Wahol, who was also an extra in the video, along with some of his friends.  I recall watching so many videos by The Cars on early days of MTV – when it was music television / all the time.   More song info on  Wikepedia

Use that song title anywhere in your blog post, ping back this post! (visit others that posted, if you want) If you need more inspiration, you can Click here for lyrics

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Party Pink Style

“Reminds me of the story about Jack and Diane.”


“You know, two American kids growing up, doing the best they can?”

“Are you citing John Cougar Mellencamp ?”

Nodding my head, he smiled at me, “Well, you picked the wrong song, dork. I believe you are thinking of Pink Houses?”

We both looked at the rows of rose colored housing, “Oh, yeah. How does that song go again?”

He began singing, “Well, ain’t that America…pink houses for you and me…”

Traveling down the mini streets, peering at little name marquees, after 20 minutes, and one too many times of Mellencamp, we stopped in frustration:

“Just exactly how are we supposed to find this ‘secret’ party location? We haven’t seen anyone on the streets! What’s the point, if the hint is too subtle?”

That’s when we saw it. A smiley face drawn on the outside of one of the buildings.

150 words / FFaw Oct. 17th / hosted by:  Joy


“Sorry, your newly built home is not yet ready.”

“So, where do we stay in the meantime?”

“Good news! We do have temporary housing available!”

140 characters

Twittering Tale #53

Hosted by:  Kat

A side note on the above:

I laughed because this is SO the case in Bend, Oregon.  As many of you know, we recently moved here from Southern, California.  Bend is a tourist area, and destination for all those living in Washington and coastal part of Oregon, like Portland.  They all come here for summer (we have Deschutes River) and winter to Ski Mt. Bachelor.  This is such a popular area for people to want to relocate to, and rentals are basically impossible to get (although they are building more apartment complexes)

While our new home was being built, we had to find temporary housing, which is quite a challenge.  Luckily for us, we moved in the “off season” and were able to make an arrangement with a VRBO/Airbnb property owner to reduce their daily rate and do a short-term of 1.5 month lease for Sept./beginning of Oct.  The owner preferred to drop her rate so that her property wasn’t vacant in the slow months with no vacationers. (and no $$ coming in) smart business woman.

As we moved into our new home last Tuesday, the Hayden Homes broker inquired who we had rented from, because he had another family that needed temporary housing.  Their house sold sooner than they expected and their new home not yet completed.  I put him touch with our VRBO gal.  There is a market for “half-way” housing in Bend.  I’m guessing this is the case for most places that have lots of new building of communities.

Anyway, it’s so bad…It wouldn’t surprise me – “hey, we have this tree house…I’ll take it!”

Winterize – what’s that?

Do I still have any blogger pals out there?  Where my grrrs at?

We’re in our new home.- – Bend, Oregon!

Yea, us!

Now, we’re dealing with writing down items that don’t work/fall under warranty.  Our laundry room light, won’t turn on anymore.  What the hell?

And now I’m trying to unload boxes.  We’ve unloaded a lot…but I’m trying to kick butt because we want to park (my van, at least) in the garage since winter is coming.

My father-in-law came by with some Champagne (fun!) and a snow shovel (never seen one of those before) that apparently there’s instructions – a proper way to shovel so you don’t hurt yourself?  And they gave us a windshield de-icer.  I want to get my van into the garage asap, so I don’t have to use that sucker all that often.  See…one just has to be properly motivated.  Get the boxes done!  The shovel can be passed to the kids/hubby.

Our dear neighbor, thank God, he is in the construction business and builds houses for a living (he just didn’t work for Hayden Homes) but he was out here often pointing out things the builders of our home(s) that weren’t done properly.  “That needs to be redone and done better.”

Yea for Beau – he’s our beau!  He’s going to install his own fencing and my hubby will help him do the work, and pay him for the materials for our portion.  (fencing via the builder was outrageously priced and no one got fencing)  AND, since we are new to winter season (Southern California is summer all year – shorts and flip/flops all year) – but now we’re going to have snow…so we have to “winterize.”


So, I’ve been in worry-mode as frost is here.  We’ve had some 30 degree weather in Fall and I’m worried about all the roof icing dam issues (they had a terrible, nasty winter last year – where several homes had roof /wall damage from ice dams forming)  And I guess, you have to consider “blowing out” your sprinklers.  Not everyone does it, but it’s recommended.


Not to mention, my Odyssey is front-wheel drive.  Not all Wheel and not 4X.  First I was told to get studded tires, but that can’t be done until Nov. and have to be off by April.  (city law)  But then, my father-in-law said their “all weather” tires work fine.  They have chains if going over the pass toward Portland, but have never had to use them.  Their all-weather tires functioned will enough.  Guess we’re going that route?  Initially, I guess they are a cost, but in the end more economical vs. buying studded tires and  having to switch out (and store others) twice a year.  That costs builds up.

So I’ve been worried, and ultra busy, not to mention this is busy work season with all the school fundraisers in the Fall season.  Yikes.

It was a pleasant surprise, when we drove home after our expensive Home Depot trip to get some blinds (wow – what the hell- why so much for window coverings?) – so Beau…Beautiful Beau…Beau knows… he has been super busy too as his wife just had their 3rd child.  Yet, he had a buddy, licensed/bonded landscaper blow out his sprinkler system, and had him do ours too… we just owe him $35.00 and we didn’t have to DO anything.  He did it for us in our absence.  RAD, because apparently, we’re late in the game to “schedule” as most landscapers are booked.  And if you don’t get this done, once the ground begins to freeze (most say to do by end of Oct), water can freeze in the pipes and expand and crack the piping.  So spring, you’ll be leaky?


So, Beau did us a SOLID – One less thing for me to have to “worry” about…now just my car and roof..and boxes…and sports stuff for the kids.  (tell you about that later)