80’s – I’m ready to pogo bounce

I’m a huge 80’s fan.

I was a teenager when all the John Hughes “Brat Pack” movies were the rage.  I loved Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, Emilo Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Ally Sheedy, Andrew McCarthy, James Spader…etc.

Also, during this time, I loved the 80’s New Wave, punk, ska, reggae music.  Around this time, English Beat had a hit with Mirror in the Bathroom.  It was one of my favorites.  Sadly, I was too young to attend concerts and see all these great bands during their peak days.  However, now that we have the Jack FM concert (that combines all different genres of 80/90s bands) and the Fair grounds that like to “flash back,” I’ve been able to see some of my favorites from youth.

I was so excited to have seen Joan Jett, Adam Ant and lead singer of Bow Wow Wow, Psychedelic Furs, Stray Cats, B52s, Huey Lewis and the News.  So many bands that still sound fantastic.  (even if they can’t hit the same ranges they used to)

With that said, one band I’ve never seen is the English Beat, or simply, The Beat.  The O.C. Fairgrounds, Pacific Amphitheater, has their summer concert series.  UB40, English Beat, and Bob Marley’s grandson are playing today!  And we got tickets!  I’m going to be in a relaxed mood here in just a few short hours!

Great thing about Sunday concerts at the fair, they begin at 6pm.  That’s good, because we older folk, we want to get to bed in a reasonable hour.  (hahahah)  Especially, if we were (or attempted) pogo dancing.

Are you a good friend?

WH Poster

Our best family friend, the husband is from Nova Scotia.  His dad still lives there.  Every other year, my bestie takes her (2) girls and goes and visits grandma and grandpa in Canada, while her husband remains here to work.  This was the year they left… for 6 WEEKS!

That’s almost all of the summer.  Our kids are used to seeing each other just about every single day.

So the day finally arrived, I suggested making a poster to welcome them back home.  “But mom, I don’t know how to draw and make our letters big on that roll of poster paper.”

Oh, silly child.  That’s what the computer is for…I will design some letters, print out, you both color, cut out the letter, and we’ll glue to the poster paper!  We did all this work, the attention to detail, marvelous!  We drove to their house, the dad let us in, we hung it…he left to LAX to pick the girls up…

…and I forgot to take a photo of our hard work to record that memory.  Luckily, my friend posted it on Facebook the following morning.  Because you see…

…The majority of the year, I’m not necessarily the best-est best friend a person could have, but this instant, damn it – I am!  We rocked it!  And  I needed that evidence to show just how awesome of a friend we are, even if it’s only 1 day of the year.  (but who’s tracking that?)

See…don’t you want to be our friend?  By the way, we got a concert to go to this weekend, can you watch our kids?


Power Powder

Coach told the kids, the trick to a tight swim cap is to “sprinkle” a little baby powder inside the cap so it doesn’t stick to itself and is easier to slide on your head.

One day, our 10-year-old daughter was really struggling with her cap and had it partially on her head, and eventually requested my help to pull it down further.  As I was pulling, my fingers slipped off the cap because powder residue had made it to the outside, and a piece of the cap tore OFF. When that happened, the cap snapped back onto her head and a big POOF of powder went into the air. (huh?)

She looked in HORROR at the teeniest, tiniest piece of plastic in my hand, screeched, and ripped the cap off her head and threw it on the ground. Chunks of powder fell to the patio – what the heck?  Looking at her, I couldn’t help but laugh, enraging her further,  as there were clumps of baby powder stuck to her curly hair. In her struggles, she had kept adding more powder to the cap thinking it would help.  I explained to her that only a little bit was sufficient. I suspect the entire mini travel bottle was used, but she insisted only a little was sprinkled.  Then why do you look like George Washington, honey?


Persuasive Argument?

Mustang rental - kidsA couple posts ago, I blogged about my husband being stuck out of town due to Southwest Airlines not having crews in place, and pilots to fly the planes.  After having his flight canceled twice, two consecutive days…he didn’t want to chance a third night, so he decided to drive home.  Of course,  at 9PM, the car rental place had limited cars, two, to be precise.  His options were a truck or a shiny, red mustang, for just $10.00 more.  I’m sure that was a tough choice there.

He drove from Sacramento to Orange County and had a great time.  He took a picture and posted to Facebook joking that the speedometer goes to 160 mph and he only got to 120.  (oh, boys…)

So, before returning the car the following day, he took me and the kids for a fun ride.  As we were exiting the vehicle, my hubby longingly looked at what I deemed a “ticket-waiting-to-happen,” and I told him to quickly return it because we don’t want anyone to ding it.  No damage before we can safely get it back on the lot.

It just so happens that my husband needs a new company car, something practical, that he can take customers out to lunch.  I could see the gears turning in his head.

Husband:  “That sure is a nice ride.”

Me: “Don’t get any ideas about having that as your next car, we have to pay for sports.” 

Husband, and 12-year-old son: “Yeah, sports…CAR.”

Husband: “It’s called a sports car, because after you buy that, you can no longer afford to pay for kids’ sports.”

My son: “Yeah, we don’t need to play sports when we have that.”

Wait. What? That is NOT logical. Let me answer that with a Hall and Oats tune.

Shake your Groove Thang

Woman wiggle butt

Both kids were up watching TV early Saturday morning. I decided to pull my 12-year-old son’s signature move. I ran and jumped in front of the TV (blocking their view) and shook my booty at them…all around… in a little dance. And I tossed my head back and laughed manically while doing it.

My 10- year old daughter was ticked off and yelled out,


My son covered and rubbed his eyes,

“Ah, come on, I just woke up.”

I laughed even more. That was kinda fun. I can see why he does it to simply annoy his sister. (yeah, I don’t get out much these days)

Who’s flying this dang thing

DelaysFacebook post to my husband

All right my GRRRS, who was tortured by Southwest airline?

First of all, let me preface this by stating, they are a great airline.  My husband is in sales and has been using them for years.  I’ve had past great experiences.  And we will continue to use them.  But this whole ordeal…

My poor husband.  Last week, he had to fly from Orange County, CA to Oakland (San Francisco area) for business.  Then he rented a car and drove up to Sacramento and was going to fly home after his meeting .  During that time, Southwest had their computer “glitch.”

For those that don’t travel, watch the news, or read newsfeeds and may have missed Southwest’s announcement, they had a “glitch” that forced them to cancel ALL their flights.  Here’s a link to their facebook page

Now, I don’t know about you, but the word “glitch” seems to allow people to think a small blip.  A little oopsy-do.  Definition of Glitch:

a sudden, usually temporary malfunction or irregularity of equipment 

So a temporary malfunction, well the damage it caused was not very temporary, but actually extended several days and almost a week.   The cancellation of one flight, is no biggie.  To cancel a region, that’s a little alarming.  However,  to shut down entirely , across the nation, because you can’t get “crews” in place, and someone to pilot a plane, is pretty monumental!  Especially when flights are cancelled for several days!

So, my husband was expected back around 9pm on Thursday evening.  He called to tell me his flight had been cancelled and that he couldn’t get another flight until 6PM on Friday.  Therefore, I told him,

“You must be stuck there for a reason.  (1) buy a lotto ticket in that area.  (2) see another few customers on Friday, someone might have a BIG sale for you.”

Friday arrived, and around 6pm, my husband happily reported by text,

“There is movement.  A pilot is ‘piloting’ the plane.  I can see my flight has made it into Las Vegas, but is delayed 3 hours.  So instead of leaving Sacramento at 6pm, it will be more like 9pm”

BUT, because John Wayne Airport (in Orange County) where we live, has  CURFEW of 10pm, they ended up canceling his flight at 8:30PM.   So his option was to stay another night with a flight on Saturday, but risk having the same thing happen, or drive home.  He needed to be home because he was leaving the following week for Arizona.

mustang rentalSo he got another rental, and posted photo to Facebook.  I had to tell him,

“No tickets, please.”



Moving, not moving, moving…

Moving, not moving, movingI have no idea if any of my old blogging pals are around – we all take breaks here and there and I’ve been gone 4/5 months now.  So, there isn’t much expectation that anyone will comment on this blog post as I’ve somewhat fallen off the grid.

I didn’t mean to get on here today.  I only did because I am trying to research places to live and needed a place to organize, and was thinking of creating a new blog specifically for me and my hubby only for purpose of deciding just where to relocate.

But, then why bother with an entirely new site?  Why not just create a category for the area I’m researching.  Then again, my next several (several) posts will be all about Oregon, Washington or Idaho… and that might just bore the heck out of any remaining readers I may have!

So, what’s my purpose?  What am I going to do?  I dunno yet.

Here’s the latest 10 things on me:

(1) we sold our condo 1st day we had our open house in Orange County, CA

(2) We planned to move to Meridian (Boise), ID this summer once kids were on school summer break.

(3)  Just as we were about to have our open house, my husband was laid off from his job and that severely affected our plans to move out-of-state.  You don’t relocate to ID to go look for a job.  You move there when you have a decent job and cost of living is lower there.

(4)  My husband was able to get new job fairly quickly, but is based out of Huntington Beach, CA.  Same type of job, sales for West Coast.  They don’t mind him moving to the Pacific North West “some day.”

(5) Keywords from #4… “some day!”  Which is not now, and our short-term apartment lease (that we never intended to have) is up in August…because we were not planning on staying!  But, job said they aren’t ready for my hubby to leave CA yet.

(6)  My hubby’s job doesn’t seem so keen on having him leave (ever??) but they keep telling us “not now, but soon” and I have no IDEA if we are going to get out of here next summer like our new plan is… which means:

(7) YEAH, we are signing on a year’s lease at the apartment we never wanted.  And we are no longer zoned for the school my son was supposed to attend for 7th grade.  Now we got that drama… (shit)

(8)  Which brings me to, what the hell are we going to do?  Are we moving or not?  Also, his new job might not be keen on the original plan.  My hubby doesn’t want something hotter than CA.  ID has hotter summers.  Bend, OR where my in-laws live, is not near enough a metropolis.  It needs to be more Portland/Seattle/Boise areas to please the boss.

(9)  I don’t like Portland, the main city anyway.  (and anywhere near there is not necessarily cheap) and Seattle areas, many rentals are near what we are paying now…which brings me to:

(10) Damn it all to hell, now I’m over-whelmed with having to research cities within an hours drive to Portland Airport, or Seattle’s Airport.  That’s a lot of cities.  I don’t want to screw up and relocate to somewhere I hate.

No, I don’t feel over-whelmed at all.  So, what’ new with you?