Flop About

Welcome!  My name is Sandi:

Join us in our simple world of living, a world…

… when asked, “You’re invited, are you coming?” and your first response is “What’s the event?  Attire?” and immediately base your decision on whether or not you can wear flip-flops or have to shove your feet into uncomfortable shoes, and how long you have to wear said shoes.  If that’s you, you fit in here.

… when asked, “How you would describe yourself as a couple, and your spouse replies “We’re the ‘plain t-shirt’ kind.”  If you can relate, stick around, we’ll be friends.

… Where both spouses must work to make ends meet, and try to find life balance without going crazy, well… actually do go crazy at some point because you hear Prince’s voice in your head singing “Let’s go crazy!  Let’s get nuts!” And you’re agreeing with him, bobbing your head and lip syncing to music no one else can hear.  Then you’re in the right place.

…where your kids are not the top of the class or best athlete, but more like you celebrate the couple really good test scores, or the 1 goal scored that season.  “Remember that game, I hit a double?”  If you’ve got ordinary kids, you’ll be able to relate to some of these posts.

… where Joe Walsh’s “Ordinary Average Guy,” can be your family  theme song.

We are just ordinary average guys
We all live ordinary average lives
With average kids
And average Wives

… Where a sense of humor has great value and you pay attention to Murphy’s Law.

That’s the flip-flop life!  Please say HI.

FTYD (flop ’til you drop)

48 thoughts on “Flop About

  1. So, I need to apologize! I don’t know how it happened, but at some point I got unsubscribed to your blog. I was starting to wonder why I hadn’t seen anything new in my feed from you and thought maybe you’d been busy or took a hiatus until I saw your comment on my post the other day. Turns out I wasn’t following your blog. I seriously don’t know how that happened, because, to my knowledge, I haven’t unfollowed any blogs that I’ve started following since I began my own blog. I’m so sorry about that! I’m gonna try to play catch up now!


    1. THANK YOU! Those words were warming enough and reward enough. I do participate in the “award” things from time to time, when inspired to do so… but I always, usually have some daily story to tell, that I often forget about them! Thank you!


    1. Well, there’s the typical “follow” + and – sign that allows it to show up in your WordPress feed. (which is what I prefer to minimize e-mail notifications) – but, yes, I do have an e-mail follow button on the right sidebar. You might need to scroll down a bit.


    1. I think when I set up this account, I purposely didn’t want my e-mail to show to avoid SPAM mail. I learned from a prior blog. However, now it shows that my e-mail address is NOT showing the public, but it doesn’t allow me to change that option.

      I’ll enter it here, gibsma@cox.net


    1. How nice of you! Thank you. I just do it for fun – I like to talk and blogging is just a way of chatting with everyone (all at once)


    1. Well, good! My goal is to meet other bloggers and have fun. I like to talk about life – not so much fiction writing., but I do have a friend encouraging me to participate in some of the writing challenges! (I’m laughing because my writing is a bit infantile) – Welcome! Let’s be friends!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yea! A new bloggy friend! If you don’t already know ’em – you’ll have to meet Sight11, Fandango and Jim! They are participate in the same challenges and love commenting – we all banter back-n-forth!


    2. He’s usually aware of my comments and surprised he has popped over to you already! Tee hee. His link is on my favorite blogs tab. I’ve got some pretty good links there! I have everyone’s name in parenthesis – if I know it – some only go by a “handle” name – I keep telling them a real name can be an alias and not one the wiser. but they choose their handle name. (as I refer to it – my grandpa was a truck driver!)

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