When are Selfies okay?

selfie with LL Cool J

So, real quick- I’ve discovered a new blog Tony’s Bologna.  Which, I’d follow just because of the clever name.  It makes me laugh, but actually the guy writes some interesting, entertaining posts.  I’m responding right now on his post called “Top Three Douchiest Things People post on social Media Part 2- Selfies” And goes on to say, it would be okay if you bumped into Will Smith and posted a selfie.  (Hell ya, I’d agree with that.)  I’d be posting that everywhere…

…which reminded me!  A little while back, my hubby and his buddy went to a LA Kings hockey game, and who was sitting in front of them… Why, LL Cool J.  I can’t think of any cooler guys than Will Smith or LL- they make the women’s heart go bang-bang-bang-bang (just like that Dead or Alive song)

And the crazy thing is… all the dudes like them too.  They got that IT factor.  That selfie was definitely something to post.  I just love LL, in movies too.

I’m going’ back to cali…


7 thoughts on “When are Selfies okay?

  1. LL Cool J is a cool selfie choice! I mean it’s cool on two levels : one “Cool” is in the guy’s name. Two LL Cool J is the man! I really appreciate you giving me a shout out, looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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    1. Well, YES, you see what I mean. There are just “the dudes.” I think those two lookers earned respect for their acting skills. Seriously, I don’t think Leonardo got the credit he deserved in the early years (What’s eating Gilbert Grape, the Beach, the movie identity theft guy where he is a pilot and MD)… and Brad Pitt, pretty much pitted himself up quite a bit to get away from the “pretty boy” image. (I personally hate the grunge look) So they earned points in both the male/female arenas. I’m gonna have to do a post on this. 😉

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