What’s the deal?

People… please.

A plea from your fellow sister-in-blog.  Yes, your sibster.

If you’re going to have a blog, spend some time understanding your admin functions.  This goes for me too!

The other day, I had to spend time figuring out where WordPress moved some things that I used to find elsewhere.  (I had taken about a year off from blogging) so my dashboard changed radically and became VERY BUSY with tons of added functions so to find the SPAM – well, I couldn’t find it right away…or for a while. After much searching, I finally found it (click on Dashboard and then click on comments, and then you’ll see approved, spam, trash options) and released some “good comments” that were filtered as SPAM.  Had I been checking this regularly, I would have saved one of my blogging pals some grief.  We laughed about it later…


Seriously, what is the deal with people commenting on your site, or linking their post to a challenge, you take the time to click their page or post…

just to get

That page no longer exists or has been deleted? – really because they just commented or liked my post?  On one blogger, I actually went above and beyond, because I couldn’t figure out how they commented without a site. I Discovered, they created one wordpress account linked to a particular site, but changed sites and didn’t update their personal account with the new web address.  So every time they comment on a site, if someone clicks their name/profile to visit their site, you get the no page or account has been deleted.  If this is you…please STOP go to your Admin/USERS button, Personal settings – scroll to the bottom clear the address to your deleted site, and save the new site address.  (also, update your MY profile with what websites you have -remove the deleted)  See below example.  Website automatically links when you make comments!

moving on… today, I hit a challenge board to see what other bloggers are posting…What?

404 error message? Or something like below– how did they end up linking to the challenge?  Or they linked and then deleted their post?  (why?)

I’ve come across a lot of these lately.  It’s frustrating.  Please, if you want others to visit your site, ensure your links work!

P.S. Love you all, but you’re driving your sister-in-blog absolutely crazy! (like my new term?  SIB for short?  And brother-in-blog – BIB for short – so fitting!)

I’ll have to add that to my side bar vocabulary – with my “Grrs” (bloggers) icon.


That is all for now, my grrrs.  Carry on!

80’s – I’m ready to pogo bounce

I’m a huge 80’s fan.

I was a teenager when all the John Hughes “Brat Pack” movies were the rage.  I loved Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, Emilo Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Ally Sheedy, Andrew McCarthy, James Spader…etc.

Also, during this time, I loved the 80’s New Wave, punk, ska, reggae music.  Around this time, English Beat had a hit with Mirror in the Bathroom.  It was one of my favorites.  Sadly, I was too young to attend concerts and see all these great bands during their peak days.  However, now that we have the Jack FM concert (that combines all different genres of 80/90s bands) and the Fair grounds that like to “flash back,” I’ve been able to see some of my favorites from youth.

I was so excited to have seen Joan Jett, Adam Ant and lead singer of Bow Wow Wow, Psychedelic Furs, Stray Cats, B52s, Huey Lewis and the News.  So many bands that still sound fantastic.  (even if they can’t hit the same ranges they used to)

With that said, one band I’ve never seen is the English Beat, or simply, The Beat.  The O.C. Fairgrounds, Pacific Amphitheater, has their summer concert series.  UB40, English Beat, and Bob Marley’s grandson are playing today!  And we got tickets!  I’m going to be in a relaxed mood here in just a few short hours!

Great thing about Sunday concerts at the fair, they begin at 6pm.  That’s good, because we older folk, we want to get to bed in a reasonable hour.  (hahahah)  Especially, if we were (or attempted) pogo dancing.

To all my blogger pals- a nickname for you

Not too long ago, Mindy and I were talking about nicknames for bloggers.

See, you all aren’t my peeps…that’s people I know personally.  You’re my blogger pals.  I could call you “beeps” (blogger people?)   But beep…that reminds me of the Roadrunner and the “mee-meep” sound it makes followed by the sticking out of tongue and flapping it’s beak.  So that doesn’t work for me.

Then I came up with something I like.

Since you are all bloggers … I thought Grrs  would be more appropriate.

And how Halloween timely to continue with my Halloween themed posts!  🙂

Where my Grrrs at?

Let me here ya!

Grrr, baby, Grrr.


Oh, the Horror!

…of finding a new blog to read!  Keeping with My Halloween themed posts…

Freshly Pressed

Word Press’ “freshly pressed,” often times there isn’t anything that interests me.  Scratch that- most of the time.  Some I’m like,  HOW THE HELL did that make freshly pressed?  Did they get past the hounds of hell by selling their soul?  If I want news, I’ll watch one of the major networks.  So unless you got an interesting or personal take on the event or a humorous thought on something, I don’t care.  Which leads me to…

Genre Tags

Seriously, when I click Word Press’ “humor” tag, I have discovered what I find funny and what other’s deem humorous, are two different things.  Half the time, I leave feeling like an arrow pierced my brain.  WTF did I just read?  That was ghastly.

The only thing more frightening… are the zombie’sque posts listed under family, motherhood, mom, parenting genres  – As Shaggy and Scooby would say ZOINKS! YIKES!  LET’S GET OUTTA HERE.  First of all, aren’t there any parents of older children blogging?  Mine are 9 and 11 and still have somewhat amusing stories to relate or other topics for discussion outside of family matters.  Mostly, I’ve come across parents of infants / toddlers.  If I have to read one more “lecture” or “how to” on parenting- without a fresh/humorous personal view/spin to it… I’m going to go BATTY.   I love you moms, and want to support other mommy bloggers like myself, but MANNNN.  Or, as my stepsister used to say as a child, “Maneaters!”  You are not Dr. Phil, nor do I want to reread a regurgitation of what Dr. Spock, or Oz says.  Stop trying to market your blog, stop telling us what we need to do, and actually write articles that aren’t tired, and most importantly unique to separate yourselves from the masses.  Link something Dr. Spock wrote to an anecdote/personal family experience.  Make it interesting, Please, I beg of thee.

Liking Posts and Gravatar links

I’ve even clicked my favorite blogs, and those other bloggers that have “liked” their particular blog post, I will click over to that person’s site to see who they are if they are someone I’d like to follow.

First of all, BOO to those bloggers that have a Gravatar, and write a bunch info on the sidebar, clearly wanting you to follow them… but there’s NO LINK to their blog.  Double Oreo BOO to those that have like 5 sites linked.  I get too confused to

Did I just die?

decide which link I want to click.  When I do, inevitably it’s the one with fictional writing… I rarely read fictional writing because most of them are so boring I nearly expire and feel like a skeleton.  I prefer real life stories/drama- there’s plenty of material if you look.  I quickly move on…


Site appearance makes a difference, trust me.  Today, I came across a warm pink, floral/petal like blog.  “If their intent was to make it look like a vagina, they were successful.” was all I kept thinking.  It looks like a gyna-looks like a gyna.  I couldn’t stay long enough to read the content.  Not that there’s anything wrong with womanly body parts, but when the blog is not pertaining to womanly matters…and the first post you see has skull and cross bones images…  I don’t know about you Ghouls, but who wants to associate a vajay-jay with skull and cross bones?  Fuck, let’s add some cobwebs too, why not?  BEWARE- stay out!


Can you maniacs make some referrals?  Only 1 referral (in the comments) that is not plugging your own blog.  I will visit your blog no matter because you responded.  Before commenting, if you can view my “favorites” page first to ensure I don’t already follow them?  I’m serious.  I need new material to read outside of my favorites.  What better way to find other blogs to haunt than via referrals from my current blogging buddies?


Bloggers are FICKLE – is this you?

fickle definition- bloggers

The main conclusion I’ve come to, Bloggers, as a whole, are a fickle lot.  There are those individual sites that are the exception.  However, I have discovered:

If you disappear for a tad from the blogging world to attend to business, they quickly leave you.  Even if you don’t leave, but are posting regularly and visiting their sites… they stop coming to yours.  Because you see,

It’s all about what you can do for ME.

They originally visit your site with the following goals:

1)  “I’ll try simply just “liking” their post, so my photo linked to my site will show on their post.  Maybe other bloggers will click to my site.  If I do 100 of these a day, that should generate traffic.  I’m too lazy to bother commenting, but I will still offer them my  website services.” 


2) “How many times do I have to comment on their site, to ensure they are coming to mine regularly?  I want to raise my traffic so I can ultimately earn $$:”

  • by placing ads on my blog
  • advertise my latest book
  • market this/that product or service
  • request them to participate in my weekly bloggy Linky thingy and advertise my site more (with the ruse I am offering a chance to market their blogs to others, but really it’s about my site and my popularity- and request them to advertise for me, so even more people will participate in my bloggy thing.)
  • While you are here, vote me the best mommy/daddy blogger, etc.  Because I deserve it more than anyone else
  • I’m going to nominate them for some random award that requires linking to my site.  (sometimes these are legitimate “awards,” but often just advertising)

The wise blogger knows they have to spend time commenting on other’s sites to get known and generate traffic to their own site using the above methods.  However, once you got them coming regularly to your site, you don’t bother visiting their sites in return any longer?

Blogger beware:  Sometimes, it seems you have made “friends.”  But, what I’ve discovered, even those “friends” are fleeting.  You might have shared a ton of back-n-forth bantering over the last couple of months.  BUT…

Once they start getting popular, maybe you have even generated other bloggers to their site… they now no longer have time to visit your world.  Why waste their time, when they are busy marketing to other bloggers (being their besty until they have hooked them) to continually increase their numbers.

I laugh when bloggers always claim “I don’t know what happened.  You dropped off my feed.”  Although sometimes it might be the case, not all the time.  Mostly, that’s a fib.  That’s why you create a link to your favorite bloggers.  I have a page dedicated to this so I can click and see what my favorites are up to and never rely on the wordpress Feed.  I love when this excuse is used, and they follow it up with

“I’ll try to stop by when I can…” ,

…but the unsaid words are…”in the meantime, please keep coming to see my blog and comment, because your comments are so thoughtful.  Please participate in my bloggy network thingy and plug my site some more.”

Some of my FAVORITE bloggers (pals) are guilty of this.  Once I’ve participated and am visiting their sites often, they no longer bother with me.  Or they are so WRAPPED up in their own problems.  They use that as an excuse too.  Oh, my world is ending, as soon as it gets better, I’ll be by… but it never happens because there is always some crazy thing going on in their life every single day.  Or they do a quick “drive-by” and comment on a few of your posts to placate you…but ultimately serve as a reminder to come see them. (as they don’t want to lose their bloggers and have their visitor numbers decline.)  Again, it’s all about them.

Just who do you think you are kidding?  We all know.  I’m tired of this BS.

So on that note, I’m done with that.  You need to stop by and see how I’m doing, too, and give thoughtful comments with no ulterior motive of advertising your site.  In return, I promise not to sell you anything.  However, when the winds of bloggers are with me, I can generate a lot of other bloggers to your site because I’ve spent hours visiting new bloggers who have no followers attempting new friendships.  Nurturing those new friendships and then those bloggers communicate with other existing blogger pals of mine- creating a network.

That’s because my blogging purpose is trying to make friends and be a friend.  I spend time trying to find other “like-minded” bloggers in the blog-o-sphere.  Through friendship, I don’t mind plugging your blog (or business) because we’ve developed a rapport and I certainly want my friends to be successful.

However, don’t YOU forget who your friends are, as those bloggers that have all been flocking to your site lately, the next day- they might just disappear.  Like I said, they are a fickle bunch…and if you’re not doing something for them, they are gone!  Poof.  Just like that.  Until another day or round of bloggers joins you with the same mindset, if I be your bestie for a while, what can you do for me?

By the Light of the moon or the strike of noon

I’m usually not a poetry fan.  When we studied it in high school, I just never “got” it, and my understanding didn’t really improve in college either.

What, are those flower petals supposed to represent… a woman’s vagina and freedom?  What?

That stanza meant they wanted to go to war?  Really?  How?

I’ve come to the conclusion, I’m just not “deep.”  I’m on the “fast track” of life.  One of my early vocabulary/spelling words that was applicable to me… loquacious.  Never forgot the word.  I have a lot to say, and my brain sends thoughts to me 100 MPH…so I speak quickly and am often onto the next subject within minutes.  So, I prefer to be straight forward, tell me what you’re trying to say (cleverly, so it’s interesting) and be done with it.  (same with blogging)

This includes reading books. I don’t have time to read all the description of the meadow.  The smell of honeysuckle was in the air, ground moist, while they embraced.  Got it.  Don’t need to read a huge paragraph that describes this meadow.  And how a battle occurred there a century prior and the ground is ravaged.  Unless this helps me understand later why the land opened up and swallowed the lovers.  Otherwise, to me there’s no purpose providing details on the ground.  I skip over all the adjectives and become frustrated.  All right already, give me enough to make it a good story, plenty of action, but not overly descriptive.  Let’s go.

Noor Poetry - Work in ProgressSo, the purpose of this blog post is I find the blogosphere is inundated with poets.  I don’t follow any on my feeds.  To me, you’ve read one, you’ve read them all…because most of the time, I don’t get it or don’t care.  EXCEPT, until I stumbled across this little gem.

Her name is Noor.  She told me it’s pronounced similar to “Noon,” It’s Arabic for light, which is very fitting for her.  She is very talented, a word smith. Noor has the gift to say so much, with very few words. When I read her work, I get it without a lot of brain effort.  It easily flows, and am always amazed with thoughts:

Yeah, I’ve felt that way before! Wow, how wonderfully expressed in such a short stanza.  I totally get what she’s saying.  How did she come up with that?  Love it, want to borrow that phrase!

Noor is the only poetry blog I am following at the moment.  Attached is her recent post, that links to her blog, The Think Blots.  Swing by for a visit, you might enjoy her expression of life and relate.  I’ve added her to my favorites page.