Ice Cream is mean

Poem- Ice Cream- So Mean


Guys, I’m getting ready to start my diet again…  I’ve been successful in the past, and know I can do it- but I HATE IT.  I actually enjoy eating without having to worry about what’s going in my mouth and drinking a beer on occasion.  The problem is, there’s always some holiday, birthday or some reason to celebrate.  Therefore, it’s freakin’ hard work to remain vigilant to weight loss.  Although the health benefits are felt immediately, you have to do it for a good amount of time frame to make a difference in clothes.  Therefore, at some point, I feel deprived.  Feeling deprived, ticks me off and then I want to say “heck with it.”

Anyway, before all you Health Gurus, and diet freaks start responding with all your suggestions, I already have a program that works (Medifast/Take Shape for Life) and I’m waiting for my delivery of supplement meals.

In the meantime, I’ve already told rest of my family – NO ICE CREAM in the freezer.  Popsicles are fine, because I don’t care about those… but no Ice cream.  I seriously, can’t help myself.  So, yes, everyone else has to suffer.  Sorry.

Note: Ice Cream in clip art is not mine, public domain, free clip art image.

22 thoughts on “Ice Cream is mean

  1. Ugh I feel your pain. I had to give *literally* all of the joyous food in my life the axe under doctor’s orders. I guess that makes it a bit simpler to follow… and since it is health imposed/doctor’s orders I don’t force it on the boys. So I cook for them and myself separately. Tonight with my epic brain fail, Damon took the kid and they went out for dinner, and I opted for my healthy cheese, chips and champagne meal lol! 😂 It is easy for me to stick to my diet plan with the eternal carrot of hope for a pain free life dangling out there in front of me…
    With all that being said… I adore you no matter what you look like! Xoxoxoxo


    1. OHHH, big hearts and hugs floating your way. Muah! Do you remember, who was that game show guy… oh, you probably won’t know… back in the 70’s not the Newlywed game, or maybe it was- OH it was the Dating Game- I think- the host used to throw a big kiss to the audience and viewers at home. I’m going to have to look that up now. Or maybe it was the Gong show? That was an awesome show! No that host used to dance all funky. Now, I’m curious and going to research! BTW: most of time, don’t care what family eats- my kids are picky- and half time we have lots of different foods. But ICE CREAM cannot be in the freezer when I’m dieting. It just can’t.

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    2. I am a total whore for salty snacks. Pickles by the jar. I will actually shamelessly DRINK the pickle juice after consuming the entire jar of pickles. Fortunately, they are low calorie. But I do get super bloated from the salt intake lol!


  2. Ice Cream has never really been a weakness for me…but now have a bag of Cheetos or Hot Fries in the cupboard and that shit will be gone in two days….especially if I am consuming beer….yep diet fail right there! I have noticed that since I switched to red wine that the pounds are coming off much better then when I was drinking beer all the time.

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    1. Hahahah! That’s right- right there. (my husband and I always talk like that) I know Bill gets mad- why can’t you just let the ice cream sit a week? It’s gone in 2 days. I’m like- to let it sit a 3rd day and possibly develop freezer burn icicles would be a sin. I have to eat it every night until it’s gone.

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    2. My husband always gets mad cause I won’t eat dinner but then I’ll sit down and eat a bag of chips with a 6 pack of beer lol…he says well try to have restraint…fuck that who wants to be restrained? Fucker 😛

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    1. Okay- the ICE cream part of graphic does not belong to me -(public domain free clip art) but that’s my attempt at a poem- I’m sure I didn’t follow proper Poem rules for writing stanzas, but I don’t care- it’s my blog and I write the way I want and feel.

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  3. Whenever I go on a ‘let’s save the world’ rampage and make everyone at home give up eating dead animals, They always find ways to sneak around. The other day I caught my dad hogging some chicken pieces, He claimed they were soya chunks that he just didn’t want to share. I agree with you, it’s so much easier to restrain yourself when someone isn’t flinging it in front of your face. Good luck on your diet! 😉 🙂

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    1. Okay I know it isn’t ice cream, but as someone who has practically mastered the world of “replacing” prepackaged foods with whole and unprocessed things… I suggest the following substitute: Pick your FAVORITE fruits, one, two even 5 of them. Have them frozen, throw them into your blender and plug your ears because that shit will be loud. Blend it into a thick paste of frozen yummy fruit stuff, and you will have your healthy ice cream single serving substitute! DO NOT FREEZE IT FOR LATER! You will have a huge brick of inedible solid fruit if you do. So only make enough of what you can eat right then.

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    2. My hubby actually does a yogurt smoothie for the kids this way all the time- it is frickin LOUD- more loud than you think frozen strawberries could be… and then tosses in some Kale. I think I might have to have that. They still can’t have the other stuff in the house… I’ll know if it’s in the freezer in the Garage. It’s like that crap calls to me. I hear you, where are you… as I follow the silent cries to be eaten. I have Medifast’s version of “ice cream” and I’m too lazy to figure it out… too many steps and I forget about it… Maybe I’ll go home tonight and figure it out…

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