Drop of rain causes fields to close (gasp)

What is the deal? (this is a rant- got to get if off my chest)

Does anyone live in a city that is over-the-top anal when it comes to their sports fields?  Our dear city of Lake Forest, if 1 drop of rain hits us, “Oh, FIELDS CLOSED.”  We’re like, it sprinkled?  They are so fearful that we are going to destroy the fields running up and down the moistened dirt.  That’s right, dirt, because they aren’t nice playing fields by any means (at all) – since CA is always in a drought- no one wants to water anything- the fields are HAY, yellow with sprinkle of green here and there and dirt patches.  The ground is so hard, you can’t insert a shade umbrella without those sharp prongs that you have to jump up and down on to make them go in the ground similar to cement. No one does any lawn care, and all soccer/baseball set up (lining of fields) is left to parent volunteers.  So, the fact that they are protecting their crappy fields is amusing in itself.  And down right annoying when it comes to sporting events.

Take today for instance, we had some pretty good rain Thursday/Friday.  But we also had hours of dry and through the night… of course, this is THE weekend where things are coming to end of Spring Season.  My daughter has his last spring game, and my son’s last game was this past weekend and this weekend is the Big tournament.  Of course, no one knows status of fields and everything is last minute- WHICH BLOWS.  Especially if you have the very first game, which is/was the case for my poor son.

He had to get up at 7:15 and still be at the field at 7:30 for his first game at 8am.  Of course, AYSO is trying to contact the city, because the city hasn’t yet released the fields as OPEN- yet, they are not wet and could be played on… those working at the city- should be on top of these events and making decisions early- but nope- my husband and son are still hanging out for the news… which, even if they are eventually opened- the 8am game has to be postponed as it’s almost 9, now.  And AYSO, scheduled games back-to-back all day until 7pm with no contingency for rain.  (That’s lame too)

Surprisingly, we got word pretty early that my daughter’s game is on at 10:30, but that’s at a school and they aren’t nearly as restrictive. (but are to a degree, so that was a surprise)  My son is at the brand new sports complex that recently opened… so the city as cray-cray over it.

But, if they push everything back that is going to screw up our schedule.  Bill is with our son, and I’ll get my daughter ready for her game.  However, dad is her coach.  So, if Gibby ends up playing, we’re gonna have to have another parent drop him off after, at the school where my daughter’s game is… all this DRAMA OVER A DROP OF RAIN.


Just got a call from my hubby (9:30AM) – and they are still waiting on the city field inspector.   Poor kids can’t go on grass at all- so all they are on the sidewalk and kicking their balls (next to parking lot) and crawling around on the surrounding vegetation.  This is a huge tournament- so there are tons of kids and families.  My husband said “oh, this is safe.”  So the city inspector just arrived with our mayor, who is wheel chair bound.  Bill indicates he doesn’t know what he’s going to do (seriously, the mayor?)… I said I do:

“The test of the fields is if he can roll across without sinking.  No sinking- fields are good and open- if there’s any sink’age- fields are closed.”

Yes, you gasp – that wasn’t nice, but I’m not in a PC mood…this wasn’t about him being in a wheelchair, but the fact that he’s ass- at another city event he kept rolling over my foot and never once apologized and then asked me to take pictures of him smooing people so he could be voted mayor.  I didn’t work for him, but he saw me with my camera taking pics of my kids and asked me to take pictures of him and to email him.  He comes out to opening day baseball and makes crappy comments obviously not knowing a thing about Little League or baseball itself.  Standing or sitting, he’s still an ass.  And this ass is the one ultimately making the decision over whether or not we can play soccer.  In the meantime, my kid has been just hanging out since 7:30 AM this morning.  Nice.


7 thoughts on “Drop of rain causes fields to close (gasp)

    1. NO, we pay a lot of money for soccer and tournaments. They canceled the boys games. We will get our tournament refunded but still… all that money we paid during the season with expectations of tournament. We’re the only region that does this. 😦

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  1. Hello idiots in CA government. This kind if creak is why we left the state 12 years ago. Why not astro turf? I mean sheesh… no water required EVER for that crap. The mayor sounds like someone I would F with so bad, he wouldn’t know what hit him.

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    1. It was funny- my husband actually said they were so “don’t touch 1 blade of grass” and then the mayor rolls up and they are in the middle of the field (he took a picture) and I’m like okay so no one could step on it- yet there they were, wheel chair and all. Pretending to make “phone call” and try to get things moving. Oh guys, I tried. You’re the mayor? The landscapers have a say? Really?


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