Sleeping on a marble

I haven’t been sleeping well.

I figure since I’m in my late 40’s, my HOT / COLD, HOT / COLD – throw the covers off, huddle back in… phase is due to me getting close to the woman’s “change.”

However, I don’t think that’s all the case, because I’m still on the young side for that.  I think our new home’s heating vents are poorly placed.  And with colder weather, we try to keep our temp around 67, while sleeping…so when the kids get up to shower for school, it isn’t too freezing in the bathrooms / bedrooms.

However, this means…with the recent colder nights, the heater constantly pops on during the evening, and being upstairs, and wrapped in blankets…it can feel warmer than 67.  Now…add in the way the builder designed our master bedroom, where the bed was really meant to only go against this one wall, that has strategically placed electrical outlets for lamps on nightstands.  So our bed went there…except the vent is directly above my face.  Even trying to manipulate the vent, I still get too hot!  And we are in the high desert…it’s BONE DRY…so the cold air / and then heat…I wake often with dry throat/nose, and drink tons of water…which results in frequent bathroom visits and saline nose sprays.

So…I end up flopping around the entire night…not to mention, I injured my left shoulder.  (that’s a story for another post) and it hurts to move it a certain way, so that makes turning over in bed, well, quite bouncy and with much effort that it wakes my hubby.

Recently, in the loft area, we bought this pretty cool “futon like” mini couch.  It’s faux “hard” leather, and easy to pop down the back.  It’s fits my height perfectly.  So, around 1 AM last night, I attempted to sleep on that.  Wait here’s some pics – this thing is pretty awesome.  Only $120 something at Walmart!

…Yes, no air vent was directly in my face, but the loft vent is a HUGE square, and has a filter…but the filter is too small for the cavity.  So you hear the heat turning on, and then a loud, WHOOOSH of air flow, that lifts the air filter and when it turns off, there’s a huge FLAP noise of the air filter settling back down.  I figured I was tired enough, 2 weeks of no true sleep, that I could ignore it.

Except, I just couldn’t get comfortable on this futon.  It’s firm, and nice…and I didn’t recall it having a hard middle, where it folds.  In fact, it’s soft…this furniture is quite perfect for our needs. Yet…something was not working.

Well…mystery solved…Just a moment ago, I discovered, the hard item was a marble in the middle, that my hip was laying on.  I was going through some kids’ items on that couch earlier in the day and didn’t realize one lone marble was with all the stationery items that I was organizing.  When I tossed all things on the floor, in the middle of the night, I had missed that.

Hmmm.  I’m so tired.  Where’s my coffee.

7 thoughts on “Sleeping on a marble

  1. Oi, what happened?First the ankle now the shoulder. Be careful. And do something about the vent. One thing about resting on the couch is that it’s very addicting. I slept for three weeks straight at my grandparent house on the couch. And it started because I hated the hard wooden surface of the bed. So don’t get used to it.
    Take care.

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  2. You are a real live princess!! You found the pea.🤗 In all seriousness though, I hope you get relief soon. I don’t sleep well most of the time and I can tell you it wreaks havoc on every aspect of my life lol.
    P.S. have you tried essential oils? No joke. They have been savior’s for my broken back and my PMS/period issues (I won’t go in to horrid detail but they have proven to work for me!). I can help you out in the oil dept if needed.


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