Beachy Mess

Every once in a while, some brave soul must venture out and climb into the back seats of the mini-van to discover the horrors of the unknown tucked away in seat crevices, storage bins, floors, pockets, and under seats.  It’s amazing to see what has been living there the past months.  Thanks to the kids for making this extra special.  Here’s what I found today:

Beachy Mess

Petrified French Fry, ew
sticky Sundae cup goo
dirty napkins, a few

And lots of beach sand too

2 lonely straws hide
3 pennies were spied
Apple Juice aside

“More beach sand,” I cried

unidentifiable dried goop
& several tiny pebbles to boot
An empty water bottle to scoop

More Beach Sand, POOP

Empty gatorade bottle
plastic wrappers of mottle
Some necks I want to throttle

and MORE beach sand, mind boggle




7 thoughts on “Beachy Mess

  1. Some necks i want to throttle.. I am taking the kids to their grandma.. When you calm down.. Bring them back..on the normal side.. Look at you writing poetry.. Hmm.. But you must sleep.. Sleeeeeeeeppp… Rest..


    1. Stress? Of moving out.. My parents did that.. As the day of moving approached nearer and nearer they lost most of their sleep..

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  2. My wife’s dad always ordered burgers for the entire family “with everything” because he refused to be bothered by his kid’s finicky tastes.

    You know where this is going, don’t you?

    One kid hated pickles, another despised lettuce and yet another could not stomach onions……so they stuffed what they refused to eat under the back seat.

    And before putting the car up for sale, her dad cleaned…….


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