Elvis has entered the building…

Que music (dud-it-doooo, dud-it-dooo, dud-it-doooo, doo-do-doo)

Lights blazing….”I can’t see!  Hey (smack, smack, smack) is this mic on?”

Yes…sorry, just me.  If you are seeing Elvis, you’re either in Vegas or need to go see a doctor for some meds.

Okay, okay…

It took me forever to build up this Flip Flops sight and gain some of my grrrs.  So, why have I abandoned thee?

Well, you know…the whole living out of boxes for 3 years and moving states, and getting kids set up in new school, and figuring out sports (traveling for sports now, over the pass to destinations 3 hours away).  AND finding a church.  Dealing with wild fires from summer, and moving into snow in the winter. (By the way, 3 degrees this morning…just 3) Busy and cold.

Actually, trying to get outdoors and make some friends, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss you guys!

HOW THE HECK IS EVERYONE?  Tell me… whatchya been doin’…staying out of trouble I hope, or finding mischief, perhaps?

oh…and I have a bit of a different focus. I paid for my own site and will be slowly moving some material over…My new Icon is Hh (Humble, but Humorous) – no floppy flops.  Sadly, those will only be worn in the summer as now it’s warm socky-socks.

I have a new direction.  I’ve always been a christian, but was a lazy one that never went to church or read the bible. (and did nothing christianly whatsoever)  I’m trying to change my ways on that.  My primary purpose for blogging will be for my bible studies…but I promise, it won’t be boring and all about the Bible.  I won’t be trying to convert you (that’s God’s job anyway)

You’ll still have my crazy posts, and thoughts and frustrations as I try to figure out just exactly what the heck a passage is saying or where my thoughts lead.  I’ll still be writing some fiction in there, on occasion, and sharing random thoughts.  In fact, as I move things over…I’ll probably repost some blog articles from here.

Love to all my blogger pals…

As I get situated, I’ll be stopping in your virtual homes to say hi.

In the meantime, I’ll be busy humbling myself, while remaining Humorous – at my new home of Humble, but Humorous.


5 thoughts on “Elvis has entered the building…

  1. When the WordPress showed me this notification I thought your site got hacked because the icon has changed. Welcome back Sandi. I’m travelling so just for you dropping a comment. Now Sensei and Jim will be mad because for 2 days I was MIA…oops will be for upcoming 3 days as well…!

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    1. Hey you! I’m getting around to getting to you guys. A lot of changes in my world. And I made some decisions and required more changes. Que in David Bowie CH-CH-Changes…time to face the change…

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