The African Queen

“The African Queen comes out at sunrise to gaze at the prize.”

This phrase has been said in his head, and aloud multiple times. Prior clues had led them to the South American jungle, the vast sands of the Asian desert, and now the mountains of Africa. Fortune smiled on them, as they happened upon a remote tribe, and repeated the phrase while pointing to a woman and her eyes. They immediately knew what we meant, as we weren’t the first travelers in search of the treasure. Our guide dropped us off in the general vicinity and pointed toward the East, and then held out his hand for payment. That was as far as he would go, as their tribe were a superstitious people.

“That’s great. What do we do now? I hate riddles. And why is it so damn hot at 5AM…”

While his companion continued listing his complaints, he looked up at the rock formation in front of them. The sun was rising and casting a shadow, he reached back and clamped his hand on his buddy’s shoulder, as a shape took form.

“I’d like to introduce you to the African Queen, my friend,”

And they began their climb.

#writephoto / 8-10 Challenge / host Sue Vincent / 198 words


Cruising to the next Challenge

When word came they were selected as contestants, the brothers were shocked! And now that they were participating, they still had a difficult time believing. So far, the Amazing Race has been an easy ride. In fact, locals allowed them to borrow their tandem bike, just so they could wave and be on television. Cruising along, on what they knew to be the correct path, they relaxed and enjoyed their ride.

The elder of the two became lost in thought, until his panting broke him from the reverie. For someone in physical shape, why was he winded? He looked back and discovered his brother had stopped pedaling, and before he could say anything, the younger pointed ahead to what was obviously the next challenge.

The bike slowly came to a halt. WHAT IS THAT? You’ve got to be kidding. It’s no longer going to be easy.

146 words / Flash Fiction FFfaw 8-8

Host Priceless Joy “PJ” / Image by Dorothy

We’re crazy, but you’d love having us as parents

I’m taking a moment to say…we’re crazy.

Not because we are moving or that we are packing to move (out of state)

but because…in the middle of all this…

The Kids have been bored all summer.  We didn’t really “do” anything for lack of funds, time, and energy.

We’ve had Six Flags Magic Mountain passes (or membership) for years.  We are not those silly Disneyland People.  Give us thrills and chills!  And even in our 40’s we’re still hopping on rides with kids…albeit our bodies can’t handle what (or as much) as it used to…but it’s very HOT in the high desert and don’t tend to frequent that area during the summer months.

SO, we’ve had these passes, that included the water park, Hurricane Harbor.  We’ve never gone to that.  We’ve always promised, but typically the kids always wanted the big park.  Finally, we got “get Friend in Free day” for both parks, on the same day!  (that rarely happens)  Of course, it had to be a WEEK DAY and only limited days…so my hubby had to take off work Monday.

Of course, that was the day that every single freeway, we’d take, had something interesting going on…like two lanes closed for flipped car.  A big truck spill on another.  (ugh)  Instead of 1.5 hours, the Waze App was indicating 2.5 hours!  However, using the “shortest route” and getting on off/freeways, the app got us there in less than 2.  So we felt fortunate!  Kids played on their electronic devices, and drained them…which was fine!

What makes my husband even more of hero in my eyes, this dude got up early (which is hard for him), drove us while figuring out Waze, because I can’t seem to find whatever it is he’s looking for – so he navigates, as well.  Then drops us off, while I have all the kids toss their back packs on the old double stroller we kept (wisest decision I ever made) – and coordinate lathering kids up with sunscreen…while he parks.  Then we hit two amusement parks.  They closed at 8PM and we drove two kids home, still getting home by 11:15PM at night…which he still had to pack, and hop on a plane to Northern California this morning for business trip and won’t return until late Thursday!

This is all so very hard, because after days like that, we both feel like we “party Hartied” and feel hung-over without alcohol ever touching our lips.  Primarily, you couldn’t drink enough water so, dehydration sets in (I hid 15 bottles of water inside towels – because no outside food allowed- and it still wasn’t enough)… and those crazy rides and long day for our 40 something bodies…all combined.  We feel like we’ve been hit by a truck.

We’re crazy.  Our kids have no idea how fortunate they are –  my mom would have NEVER done this.  Unless, someone else was taking me.


Manic Monday #5 Challenge – Sentimental Journey

For those that enjoy challenges, and if you like music… you might have some fun with this.  It’s called Manic Monday.  Welcome to the 5th installment!

Each Monday, I’ll present a new song title, and you come up with a post using it by next Sunday. Ping back to this post, so others can read!

If you are not a WordPress user, provide link to your post in comments.

It can be fiction/non-fiction, poetry, subject can be dark, serious or humorous – however many characters you want- just have fun with it!  It doesn’t have to pertain to the song, whatsoever. (click here for past song titles)

The rules are…there are no Rules!  (except using the title of the song part)

We are working our way down through the decades, and we’re in the 40’s! Les Brown and His Band of Renown had been performing “Sentimental Journey,” but were unable to record it during the musician’s strike of 1942-1944.  In 1945, Doris Day provided the vocals and had her first #1 hit.  This song went on to be a famous jazz song covered by several artists through time, including Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra.  It became somewhat of a  theme homecoming song for veterans returning from World War II.  The video attached to this post, is a more recent recording, that Doris performs so incredibly.  I grew up watching Sunday afternoon matinee, reruns of classic movies of her and Rock Hudson and James Garner.  I just LOVED her and the style of clothing.   More song info on  Wikepedia

Use that song title anywhere in your blog post, ping back this post! (visit others that posted, if you want) If you need more inspiration, you can Click here for lyrics

P.S.  Give me a few minutes to approve your PING to avoid spam.  Only comment with a link to your post (if not wordpress user) – minimizing comments ensures we can easily see all the posts.

A Simple Mind…

Hey, my grrrs!

This is just a note to let you know, if you haven’t felt my presence last couple of days, Please know, it’s nothing personal.  I haven’t really been commenting any where.  I’ve only posted because there were (2) interesting things on Facebook recently.

We move August 23rd.  We get the moving truck on the 22nd so we’ll be packing up that day, and then have to clean up the place, for the following morning  8am inspection.  I still have things I’ve got to concentrate on packing, I’ve been doing bits here and there, but now…I gotta kick some butt.  Also, my employer, finally released a bunch of work.  I went from nothing, to a pile and they all have deadlines in August/Sept, as schools get back in session and hold their fall fundraisers.

The last couple of days, I’ve been busy with doctor’s appointments for kids’ physicals so they can play sports in their new middle school, and arranging with our temporary VRBO rental, to accept our doggie.  (she said yes, hooray! – originally the site is listed as no pets)

Also, I’ve got these last minute “play dates” / outings and Pool Party/Potluck gatherings so we can see people before we go.  We have a few families coming over today.  Sunday, two friends are staying the night and the following morning, we are heading off to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor and possibly Magic Mountain later that night.  The following Saturday another gathering.  Somewhere in there, grandma is coming for a visit.

SO…I might pop on here occasionally, but it will be less-and-less as we wind our days up in California!  After I get settled, I might pop on, but I suspect that might take a bit.  Normally, I’d be on here during the long drive…but I’m going to be driving the family car while my hubby drives the UHAUL.

We just don’t know what adventures we’ll have, but let’s hope it’s nothing too crazy.  I’d like smooth roads.  Boring would be okay, and kind of welcomed.

SO…we might be looking at October before I’m full-blast again…or Nov/Dec when work once again gets slow during school winter break.  I might post some pics during drive breaks.

Oh, I intend to provide Manic Monday material! – I got one ready to go for this next one!

‘Til then…don’t  you forget about me!  Keep posting and I’ll be by soon enough to bug ya!


Are you shedding me?

OMgawd.  Would you look at what my friend posted on Facebook?

GREG!  You and I talk about storage – me with the garage and you with the shed.  This is the  shed we are all supposed to have on our properties!  A Beer shed!  I’m going to ask my hubby if this can be added as upgrade to part of our new home.  I wonder if they’d do it for just $500?  It’s perfect, because he wouldn’t really be able to store junk.

wait, I don’t have any money.  😦  I would love to say that though, while grabbing wads of mysterious cash from my bosom.  I wonder if I kept doing that, if more money would just appear?  (one could hope)  My kids would not think there was a money tree, but a money boob!