Don’t you love when people invite themselves over and expect you to be gracious about  it?  That’s how I felt when my husband’s step-sister announced:

“Hey, so now that you’ve officially moved here, Thanksgiving at your house!”

Wait.  What?  Our house wasn’t even built yet and it was only end of August,  and was expected to be done around October.  Far too close to have us think about having people over…especially for a holiday celebration.

Her mom immediately seconded that announcement, as she was too old and tired to have at her home anymore.  Which I internally laughed, because the only person going to their house, was her daughter…that lived with her for a while.  It’s her own children that drain her and unable to care for themselves as adults  in their 40’s and 30’s.  And they have no kids.

It doesn’t matter that now that we are in the new house, we are still trying to have warranty items fixed, and trying to get boxes unloaded, etc.  We’re the big jerks if we don’t respond with “oh, sure, that would be great!”

So I’ve been running around, like a chicken-with-its-head-cut-off (ha!) trying to get boxes emptied, our living room / kitchen area somewhat nice – all I gotta warn is – don’t go to the 2nd floor.  I need a post like this at the foot of our stairs.

Danger No One Permitted Beyond This Point Sign.

Needless to say, I will be stressed out… It’s only 4 guests, but when you really don’t cook...and your hyper-critical, step-mother-in-law, is coming… my husband is going to save the day by taking responsibility for the turkey.  We don’t even like turkey.  Normally, my hubby would do prime rib or some kind of other meat.  Now, his dad is coming and traditional.  And all I keep seeing in my minds-eye…

a video playing of I LOVE LUCY moments and like that  movie, Rat Race, where Cuba Gooding Jr. is pretending to be a bus driver taking a bunch of “Lucys” to the I LOVE Lucy convention…and they blow a flat and lose the spare tire, and everyone whines…and the Asian Lucy yells out – “You ruined our whole vacation.”  But instead it will be “You ruined Thanksgiving!”


5 thoughts on “You RUINED it

  1. ACCCKKK!! I can relate to this! I actually love to cook and have a huge dining room table (that had us searching for appropriate housing 10 years ago because apparently they don’t make big dining rooms anymore?), so this ends up happening to me at every major holiday. My friends are even guilty of ‘dinner at your place’. The last few years it has started to bother me, to the point where I just now say, NO. But….I also get it’s more difficult to do with family. Inlaws are another sub genre all together. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving my friend, and maybe someone will choke on a turkey bone? I mean, not fatally, but just enough so that they need to leave and maybe think twice about Thanksgiving at your place next year? Good luck!

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