A Simple Mind…

Hey, my grrrs!

This is just a note to let you know, if you haven’t felt my presence last couple of days, Please know, it’s nothing personal.  I haven’t really been commenting any where.  I’ve only posted because there were (2) interesting things on Facebook recently.

We move August 23rd.  We get the moving truck on the 22nd so we’ll be packing up that day, and then have to clean up the place, for the following morning  8am inspection.  I still have things I’ve got to concentrate on packing, I’ve been doing bits here and there, but now…I gotta kick some butt.  Also, my employer, finally released a bunch of work.  I went from nothing, to a pile and they all have deadlines in August/Sept, as schools get back in session and hold their fall fundraisers.

The last couple of days, I’ve been busy with doctor’s appointments for kids’ physicals so they can play sports in their new middle school, and arranging with our temporary VRBO rental, to accept our doggie.  (she said yes, hooray! – originally the site is listed as no pets)

Also, I’ve got these last minute “play dates” / outings and Pool Party/Potluck gatherings so we can see people before we go.  We have a few families coming over today.  Sunday, two friends are staying the night and the following morning, we are heading off to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor and possibly Magic Mountain later that night.  The following Saturday another gathering.  Somewhere in there, grandma is coming for a visit.

SO…I might pop on here occasionally, but it will be less-and-less as we wind our days up in California!  After I get settled, I might pop on, but I suspect that might take a bit.  Normally, I’d be on here during the long drive…but I’m going to be driving the family car while my hubby drives the UHAUL.

We just don’t know what adventures we’ll have, but let’s hope it’s nothing too crazy.  I’d like smooth roads.  Boring would be okay, and kind of welcomed.

SO…we might be looking at October before I’m full-blast again…or Nov/Dec when work once again gets slow during school winter break.  I might post some pics during drive breaks.

Oh, I intend to provide Manic Monday material! – I got one ready to go for this next one!

‘Til then…don’t  you forget about me!  Keep posting and I’ll be by soon enough to bug ya!


4 thoughts on “A Simple Mind…

  1. Ahh.. Come on I missed you and your post just by a few minutes. Don’t worry, you’re family, no one forgets family. My first pal.. Take care of your health.. Drive Safely.. Settle down.. And then we will all hang out. As Fandango said I will miss your posts… OK…


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