Favorite Blog Sites

This page is reserved for those blogging sites that I really enjoy their material on a regular basis.  I can identify with them.  Some I’m Facebook friends with from the past when I had my first blog… and I need an easy way to click and read what they are up to- visit their sites, you won’t be disappointed.  I’m slowly compiling my list as I discover new blogs and make new friendships.

Blogs on hiatus / or defunct and hope they return


30 thoughts on “Favorite Blog Sites

  1. OH MYLANTA! I cannot believe you listed mine here! HAHAHA! Word to the wise… don’t read my blog unless you have a strong taste for raunchy language, perverted jokes, a healthy love for penises, and a craving for very unapologetic, RUDE and open observations about my ridiculous everyday shitstorm of a life.

    Btw, I suspect this woman is a sister from another mister… and I cannot wait to meet her in person!

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  2. I have spent the last 30 minutes swimming around your blog. For some reason I have not been getting updated blog posts in my reader. Another reason to hate technology I say. I hate missing out on the “good stuff”…of course the blog that’s not in english shows every post for me. **rattles the monitor** I will just have to make sure to pop on over here every day. **still mumbling about technology**

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    1. Oh, I did that before my travels, woman! I was like…what’s Mindy responding to…oh my page, not a post! hahaha 🙂 That’s so I can quickly find all my peeps… or should that be “beeps?” (you know, since we are bloggers?)… well that would be more like grrs. Where my grrs at.

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