The way I watch soccer

Saturday, I came down the stairs of my new house.  It’s been cooler each morning.  I’ve got slippers on (such a strange feeling) – a far cry different than our days in Southern, California, where it tended to be summer every-single-day.

Going from barefoot/flip flops to thick socks/fluffy slippers for the already cool mornings of Oregon, takes practice.  Seriously, I had to practice “slipping” in slippers and nearly killed myself going down the stairs. (ack!  Save me Jesus!)

Made it safely to the living room and switched on the tv and of course, my husband had the search feature set to “sports” and it took me a minute to realize, every thing I was looking at on the guide, was a sports channel.

It was random.  I scrolled two stations up, and paused to get coffee.  It ended up being soccer.  And before I walked into the kitchen, I was entranced by the two teams playing.

It was a red team vs. a white team with a blue stripe.  The Red team collected the ball and “took their time” lining up very strategically and taking their time passing the ball back-n-forth.  Granted, as much as that was soothing to watch, it become boring to me very quickly.  But the opposing team was the exact opposite, they were a flurry of activity.  When they got the ball, they were like the red team, but on SPEED.  The energy level went up extremely high.  The Red team would get it back, and SLOW everything to more controlled passing, and then the white team…if you listened closely,  I swear you could hear them buzzing like a swarm of bees.


Then, at of nowhere…the white team goes berserk and makes two amazing goals very quickly.  I stood dumbfounded just watching the footwork and the things they can do with a ball, going what seems to be 20 miles an hour on foot.  I’m watching for flames to shoot out from behind their heels, the latest rage in cleats.  Or become hover boards.

The announcers had indicated their amazement as the Red team, Manchester United “MU” were undefeated the entire season, and here the White Team (HUD) just scored…TWICE.  And MU had zero.

At that moment, my daughter stumbles down the stairs, her hair a wild mess, and she’s dragging a pillow and a throw blanket.  She flops herself down on the floor in front of the television, and rubs her eyes and says,

“You’re watching soccer, mom?  And, you have slippers?”

As if she couldn’t believe her eyes.  Now.  This is the funny thing.  See, I didn’t know anything about soccer as my parents were never fans.  I was very familiar with baseball, basketball, football, tennis, Ice Hockey, and even bowling, as my parents always either had on news, or one of those sports.  Never soccer.

…then I married my husband.  He grew up playing soccer and was very good at the sport.  He insisted our kids play, and I was like “wha?  Soccer, really?”  As time had it…I started to learn things. First of all, the darn OFF SIDE rule.  Wha?  Oh, and everyone yells “Off sides” and we had one coach correct us – it’s Off side…no extra ‘s’ at the end.  ( a little tid-bit for those other parents that may be unaware as I was)

My daughter, likes to play, and has watched bits-n-pieces on tv.  However, that’s typically because we force her to watch 5 minutes, to better understand the game.  She quickly looses interest with sports on t.v.

So, now…here we are… both watching and not being forced to by Dad (or older brother) having control over the t.v.  All by coincidence that the guide was set to sports channels. Regardless, dad would be so proud, if he weren’t still sleeping.

I finally get my coffee, and she grabs some powdery doughnut holes.  Someone is tripped and fouled in the game.  Between powdery bites,  she announces, clearly tickled by this revelation…and I’m thinking she is going to share some great soccer insight to this novice mom:

“Hey, mom!  That #2 and #25, they have on the SAME shoes!  No…wait…” She peruses the rest of the team as the camera spans outward, “Oh, the entire team has on the same shoes!”

Yes, but do those shoes shoot out flames or hover?”

…oh, and HUD won 2-1 over MU.  It’s been 65 years (according to the announcer) since they beat Manchester United.  So, we happened upon a history making game.  See, we know what’s up.

7 thoughts on “The way I watch soccer

  1. I feel about soccer pretty much the same way I feel about hockey. I don’t like either sport. (What the hell is “icing” and why is it a penalty? Isn’t it something you put on a cake, a donut, or a Pop-Tart?) But I do like baseball and most people I know, including my wife and kids hate baseball. So there’s that.

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  2. I think soccer is best to watch live, rather than on television. Tennis is the only game I like to watch on television. But seriously, you got up and started watching television? We are not children anymore. Don’t tumble while wearing those damn slippers.


  3. Dear Sandi,
         Your blog was interesting to read really enjoyed reading it. I like how you explained how you got hooked to the game and like started watching it. That game was a good game it made history like how you said. Overall good blog it was fun to read and you should post more!



  4. I can watch soccer (the world’s football) but only in short burst—not sure why. I do admit my fascination with the intensity level as a scoreless game (which happens frequently) winds down to a finish. but for some reason, it’s not enough to keep me coming back. Still, I can’t get over the crowds and their devotion to their teams.

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