Old Man Jones

“Old Man Jones was not crazy.”

Driving miles through the desert, I pulled off to rest at a diner near the highway. Just as I took a seat at a booth, something hanging on the wall caught my eye.  Is that a boot spur?

As the waitress poured my coffee, her gaze followed mine.

She chuckled, “Oh, there’s a good story for that. One day, Old Man Jones came running in the front door, just like Chicken Little, exclaiming the sky was fallin.’ And we already thought he was crazy, so we paid him no mind, and got him his breakfast. Then he held up that boot spur, right there, and told us that was his evidence. He claimed It fell from above and the spur nearly spiked him in the head. At that point, we figured he had lost his last marble. His daughter, Josephine, was called to come get her daddy. And we went on with our day.

Now about a day later, a big, fancy truck pulled up and the driver got out and announced he was looking for a boot spur that apparently fell from his little airplane. He was performing some tricky maneuver, and it was one of those planes where the cockpit area is open, so when he did one of those barrel rolls, out one flew. I guess he had forgotten he had them on, until he was in the sky – he took ’em off, and set them on the side of his seat!  He estimated it fell out in a certain mile radius, and he was checking the surrounding areas. See, he was the professional bull rider, Fierce MaCoy, and those were his lucky boot spurs. Apparently, he had a big event coming up and he was a bit superstitious, wearing them all the time. He was very motivated to find the missing one. Even offered a reward.

Of course, I told him what were the chances, that we did, in fact, know where that spur was.  And that he needed to be more careful, because he could have killed someone.

We apologized to Old Man Jones, who eagerly handed the spur to Firece MaCoy.  In return, all he wanted were tickets to the event, which Mr. MaCoy happily provided, which also happened to be his last event. Cuz he was retirin.’ Afterward, Mr. MaCoy gave that boot spur back to Old Man Jones as a souvenir, which he carried around with him until his dying day, as proof that he was NOT crazy.  After his funeral, Josephine donated the boot spur to our diner in memory of her daddy.”

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto challenge / week 10-19 boot spur / 433 word count


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