Winterize – what’s that?

Do I still have any blogger pals out there?  Where my grrrs at?

We’re in our new home.- – Bend, Oregon!

Yea, us!

Now, we’re dealing with writing down items that don’t work/fall under warranty.  Our laundry room light, won’t turn on anymore.  What the hell?

And now I’m trying to unload boxes.  We’ve unloaded a lot…but I’m trying to kick butt because we want to park (my van, at least) in the garage since winter is coming.

My father-in-law came by with some Champagne (fun!) and a snow shovel (never seen one of those before) that apparently there’s instructions – a proper way to shovel so you don’t hurt yourself?  And they gave us a windshield de-icer.  I want to get my van into the garage asap, so I don’t have to use that sucker all that often.  See…one just has to be properly motivated.  Get the boxes done!  The shovel can be passed to the kids/hubby.

Our dear neighbor, thank God, he is in the construction business and builds houses for a living (he just didn’t work for Hayden Homes) but he was out here often pointing out things the builders of our home(s) that weren’t done properly.  “That needs to be redone and done better.”

Yea for Beau – he’s our beau!  He’s going to install his own fencing and my hubby will help him do the work, and pay him for the materials for our portion.  (fencing via the builder was outrageously priced and no one got fencing)  AND, since we are new to winter season (Southern California is summer all year – shorts and flip/flops all year) – but now we’re going to have snow…so we have to “winterize.”


So, I’ve been in worry-mode as frost is here.  We’ve had some 30 degree weather in Fall and I’m worried about all the roof icing dam issues (they had a terrible, nasty winter last year – where several homes had roof /wall damage from ice dams forming)  And I guess, you have to consider “blowing out” your sprinklers.  Not everyone does it, but it’s recommended.


Not to mention, my Odyssey is front-wheel drive.  Not all Wheel and not 4X.  First I was told to get studded tires, but that can’t be done until Nov. and have to be off by April.  (city law)  But then, my father-in-law said their “all weather” tires work fine.  They have chains if going over the pass toward Portland, but have never had to use them.  Their all-weather tires functioned will enough.  Guess we’re going that route?  Initially, I guess they are a cost, but in the end more economical vs. buying studded tires and  having to switch out (and store others) twice a year.  That costs builds up.

So I’ve been worried, and ultra busy, not to mention this is busy work season with all the school fundraisers in the Fall season.  Yikes.

It was a pleasant surprise, when we drove home after our expensive Home Depot trip to get some blinds (wow – what the hell- why so much for window coverings?) – so Beau…Beautiful Beau…Beau knows… he has been super busy too as his wife just had their 3rd child.  Yet, he had a buddy, licensed/bonded landscaper blow out his sprinkler system, and had him do ours too… we just owe him $35.00 and we didn’t have to DO anything.  He did it for us in our absence.  RAD, because apparently, we’re late in the game to “schedule” as most landscapers are booked.  And if you don’t get this done, once the ground begins to freeze (most say to do by end of Oct), water can freeze in the pipes and expand and crack the piping.  So spring, you’ll be leaky?


So, Beau did us a SOLID – One less thing for me to have to “worry” about…now just my car and roof..and boxes…and sports stuff for the kids.  (tell you about that later)

11 thoughts on “Winterize – what’s that?

  1. about time. I wondered if you fell off the face of the earth. yes, he did you a huge favor with blowing out your system. just make sure you get on someone’s schedule for next Spring to reactivate and adjust your sprinkler heads.


    1. Jim – I’ve missed my blogging community!

      And what do you mean there’s more? We can’t just “simply” turn on the sprinkler system again? Seriously, I am clueless – so any tips – please do share. We’ve always lived in Southern CA and in a condo (or apt), where the association took care of the little green belts we had.

      We don’t have much “lawn” here. A tiny itty – bitty front and just dirt n rocks in back. I purposely didn’t want much yard maintenance.


    1. So, we bought our daughter these cute, pink, rain boots for the over-nighter she had to do for 5th grade field trip – staying on a colonial ship in Dana Point bay…she never used them. They fit me! So I might be stomping around in Pink Boots with black and white hearts in the inside. 🙂

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