Mother and Nature

I don’t have time to be on here.  I’m procrastinating.

We start our journey next Wednesday.

Yet, here I am – to tell you the latest frustration.  It’s not enough that I’m trying to work, which is now very busy (and was dead the entire summer), and pack, and figure out our new school, temporary home, mail, sports, and basically new lives…and my daughter has decided among all this…it is her duty to start teenager angst ahead of schedule.

She’s 11, soon to be 12 near the end of the year.  And everything is very snippy answer.  Did you finish your dinner?  YESSSsssss.  Mommmm.  (sighing heavily)

This morning, I told her that a Gogurt was not a breakfast item and that I picked up her favorite…raspberries to which she told me “I DON’T WANT ANY RASPBERRIES!”  (as if I was trying to poison her with her favorite, healthy snack)

I indicated she should eat something healthy before heading to the 99cent store to buy candy for the movie…to which she gritted her teeth and said “Quit correcting me, mom!”  And walks out of her room in a huff.

I calmly explained, That’s what we moms do.  I can’t stop.  It’s our job.  To correct our children.  To Teach them.

As she prepared to leave the house to meet her friends at the movies, she stepped outside for a moment to gaze at the mysterious dark clouds.  I hear the door slam as she marches back in and yells,

“What the heck!  It’s SPRINKLING out there! (actually, she drew out the word Spu RIN Kling)  Is it going to rain heavily when I’m walking, MOM?”

As if she was accusing me of controlling the weather.  I should have responded,

“I do control the weather.  And if you don’t start talking more nicely, I’m going to RAIN DOWN cats and dogs on you.  One Cloud is going to follow you all over the place.  Outdoor AND Indoor, just like that Pink Panther episode!”

Now, I understand and suspect the true origin of “Mother Nature” – started out as a battle between mother and daughter…and the mom bringing down the rain.  We’re going to wash (or drown) that nastiness right out of ya.



7 thoughts on “Mother and Nature

    1. You love them anyway…but again, complete jerk face assholes. My son has picked up the phrase to everything “REally? Really, mom? Really/ You’re going to do that? Really?” Yes! Really-really going to smack you in a really quick moment.

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  1. My daughter is 10. She’s been that way since she was 8. Sigh My optimism (or denial) is saying she’s getting it all out of her system now and then smooth sailing starting age 12. I’m already practicing my “This is me ignoring you” face.


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