The African Queen

“The African Queen comes out at sunrise to gaze at the prize.”

This phrase has been said in his head, and aloud multiple times. Prior clues had led them to the South American jungle, the vast sands of the Asian desert, and now the mountains of Africa. Fortune smiled on them, as they happened upon a remote tribe, and repeated the phrase while pointing to a woman and her eyes. They immediately knew what we meant, as we weren’t the first travelers in search of the treasure. Our guide dropped us off in the general vicinity and pointed toward the East, and then held out his hand for payment. That was as far as he would go, as their tribe were a superstitious people.

“That’s great. What do we do now? I hate riddles. And why is it so damn hot at 5AM…”

While his companion continued listing his complaints, he looked up at the rock formation in front of them. The sun was rising and casting a shadow, he reached back and clamped his hand on his buddy’s shoulder, as a shape took form.

“I’d like to introduce you to the African Queen, my friend,”

And they began their climb.

#writephoto / 8-10 Challenge / host Sue Vincent / 198 words


18 thoughts on “The African Queen

    1. Yes, I guessed you had taken the photo, and believe you are in Europe? I’m in the United States – so everything seems far to me and anything can come from that photo if we don’t know the origination.


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