We’re crazy, but you’d love having us as parents

I’m taking a moment to say…we’re crazy.

Not because we are moving or that we are packing to move (out of state)

but because…in the middle of all this…

The Kids have been bored all summer.  We didn’t really “do” anything for lack of funds, time, and energy.

We’ve had Six Flags Magic Mountain passes (or membership) for years.  We are not those silly Disneyland People.  Give us thrills and chills!  And even in our 40’s we’re still hopping on rides with kids…albeit our bodies can’t handle what (or as much) as it used to…but it’s very HOT in the high desert and don’t tend to frequent that area during the summer months.

SO, we’ve had these passes, that included the water park, Hurricane Harbor.  We’ve never gone to that.  We’ve always promised, but typically the kids always wanted the big park.  Finally, we got “get Friend in Free day” for both parks, on the same day!  (that rarely happens)  Of course, it had to be a WEEK DAY and only limited days…so my hubby had to take off work Monday.

Of course, that was the day that every single freeway, we’d take, had something interesting going on…like two lanes closed for flipped car.  A big truck spill on another.  (ugh)  Instead of 1.5 hours, the Waze App was indicating 2.5 hours!  However, using the “shortest route” and getting on off/freeways, the app got us there in less than 2.  So we felt fortunate!  Kids played on their electronic devices, and drained them…which was fine!

What makes my husband even more of hero in my eyes, this dude got up early (which is hard for him), drove us while figuring out Waze, because I can’t seem to find whatever it is he’s looking for – so he navigates, as well.  Then drops us off, while I have all the kids toss their back packs on the old double stroller we kept (wisest decision I ever made) – and coordinate lathering kids up with sunscreen…while he parks.  Then we hit two amusement parks.  They closed at 8PM and we drove two kids home, still getting home by 11:15PM at night…which he still had to pack, and hop on a plane to Northern California this morning for business trip and won’t return until late Thursday!

This is all so very hard, because after days like that, we both feel like we “party Hartied” and feel hung-over without alcohol ever touching our lips.  Primarily, you couldn’t drink enough water so, dehydration sets in (I hid 15 bottles of water inside towels – because no outside food allowed- and it still wasn’t enough)… and those crazy rides and long day for our 40 something bodies…all combined.  We feel like we’ve been hit by a truck.

We’re crazy.  Our kids have no idea how fortunate they are –  my mom would have NEVER done this.  Unless, someone else was taking me.



12 thoughts on “We’re crazy, but you’d love having us as parents

  1. Yeah, you both are crazy. But you both are great parent nonetheless.. Respect. And his body must be soaring all over the place. Now that’s Sandi’s man, right there.. Full of Energy.. On a totally unrelated note.
    How’s the moving going? And the heel?


    1. Well, my heel is sore today (or was last night) because hard ground and on feet at amusement park all day. It’s okay right now, but my legs are sore. We had to push this GIANT raft up flights of stairs. The ride was fun, but after that, we were wiped!


    2. Hmm.. Thought the same while reading your post. Well as long as you guys don’t burn your health everything will be alright. Imagine what great grandparent you guys would be.. And I will be the same old grouchy uncle..

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    1. I don’t know what it is about Disneyland… but man, in California, I HATE the place. We’ve taken the kids once/twice when they were toddlers! Because, back then you could get them in for “free” on their birthdays and then we knew workers who had 3 family passes, and would pass them to us for the day as birthday gift. UNTIL Disney – so ever money hungry- got rid of those. No bday free day. Employees can only admit their immediate family. What a RIP. It pisses me off. And they keep allowing people in the park – fire hazard! Too many people! The park itself allows so many, but everyone congregates to the Frontier Land, where the Haunted House and Pirates rides are. It’s unsafe. And forever to get on one ride. The damn Dumbo ride took almost 2 hours to get on! By that point, my daughter didn’t want to go. I’d rather drive 1.5 hours to a less crowded park. (that has better rides)


  2. I’m exhausted from just reading your post. So glad my kids are grown up and can get themselves to Six Flags, Disneyland, or any other theme or water park they wish to go to. Of course, now that my wife and I don’t have to schlep them, they never go. Figures.

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  3. Love it! We are the same and sometimes would bribe or trick our kids into rides they were terrified of when they were younger. We told them they would cherish the fear later haha. You guys rock! Age is just a number and your children will have the best memories.


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