Simplicity at its Best

One of the bands I liked during my high school years, was XTC.  They have a song called, “The Mayor of Simpleton”

Recently, I joked around that some blogger’s post are too “cerebral” for me and that I’m merely a simpleton, as half their content goes over my head.  I’m a meat and potatoes or “pataytas” (as my family calls ’em) kinda gal.  A no frills person.  A “say what you mean, and mean what you say,” if you want me to understand you, person.

I sometimes feel like a detective, looking over clues to the true meaning of a serious writer’s post or poetry.  I can get the tone is melancholy and feel sadness, but still not really understand what the hell it’s about.  I’ll think one thing, but then read the comments by other bloggers, and the author’s response.  Oh, okay, death.  Oh, okay heaven and hell.  Oh, betrayal!

I have to look up mythology, and authors, and just realize they are “making reference” to something I should probably know, because apparently, all of civilization does, or at least the blogosphere…but for whatever reason, I don’t.  Thank you Google.

And this is how I feel when it comes to reading posts that go on forever with adjectives to describe a place or feeling.  I don’t have the patience.  Seriously, I closed a book after reading 3 pages still describing a damn meadow.  Do the bees and wind have an important role later, does someone die from a bee sting?  Is a battle going to take place in this field?

I get nervous when I visit other blogger’s websites, am I going to understand what they are talking about with their hidden meanings?  If I don’t comment, you’ll understand, that I don’t understand.  And we’ll have a mutual understanding – that it went over my head.  Ha! 🙂  Or I respond with MUSIC, because there always something that seems to pop in my head while reading your content.

Always know, I’m not purposely being shallow.  I’m just the mayor of Simpleton.  I think I’m going to write these lyrics down in my next anniversary card to my husband!  He has his degree from UCLA in Aerospace engineering…and I used to ask how he doesn’t get “bored” with me, the girl who took some courses part time at the local junior college, earning good grades, but never caring enough to get her degree.  You don’t want to be on my crossword puzzle team, we’d lose.

I guess it’s my sense of humor, and adventure – living out days reminiscent of an I Love Lucy episode.  Hey, Luuuucy!

HEY -that reminds me – any Weird Al Yankovic fans?  He’s a local Orange County guy.  I have always admired his ability to poke fun.  Remember this one – he’s so dang clever!



19 thoughts on “Simplicity at its Best

  1. I also have difficulty in trying to figure out what some poems are trying to say, but if they use real descriptive adjectives, then I just read them and absorb the beauty in the words without delving too deep int the meanings. I understand that readers do not have that much time to read long posts and I try to make mine simple enough for everyone to get what I am throwing down, as I know that cryptic writers make me Google stuff all the time.

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  2. OK, Ouch! I dedicate my next post to you.. Because you just made me feel like a Nincompoop.. And I am talking about myself in the post.. Seriously.. Even Fandango said he couldn’t understand my prose.. Ahhhhh…. Just when I thought I knew myself..

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    1. But you call me cerebral.. Ask your husband whether its a good thing or bad? And you are not a simpleton.. Dammit don’t make me repeat myself.. You Are A great, great, great writer and a lovely, human being.. There no smooches..

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    2. It doesn’t mean that your poem isn’t fantastic. I’m sure in the “poetry” / “Serious” writers world, others totally get what you are writing! And I don’t want you to “dumb down” – stay true to your writing.

      If I don’t understand, that’s on me, and I might not comment on future material.

      but Keep in mind: I was always told, know who your audience is – so if you desire “everyone” to understand, and provide comments of substance, then the challenge is on you to, for lack of a better word, simplify. Otherwise, people like myself won’t be commenting or will be aggravating you with comments that indicate they don’t understand and then you get frustrated because they are totally off-the-mark. Or they provide a disappointing reference to music. 🙂

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    3. Hey are you trying to give me a heart attack.. Don’t ever say you might not comment.. Seriously I only write because of you guys.. I might as well pull the plug.. On the website if you guys won’t read and comment on my post.. Don’t say that.. And I try to be funny, there is nothing wrong with reference to music.. I beg you just kick me.. But don’t change.. Seriously you scared me..


  3. I referred to that “cerebral” blogger as “abstract.” Both adjectives are positive, but for pragmatic types like me (and you?), it can make the intended message or meaning a bit hard to comprehend.

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    1. Sensei, Madame.. No cheeky comments… Don’t tell me both of you have become politically correct.. Seriously… Guys take a break..


    2. But you and Sandi always comment.. I thought you guys became angry with me. That’s why I said political correctness. Sorry if it came out the wrong way..

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  4. It has nothing to do with political correctness. You’re posts can be cerebral and abstract, whereas as I can be pretty obtuse when it comes to all things cerebral and abstract.


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