They fell off the Earth

That’s totally what happened!

I’ve come to the conclusion, perhaps the whole “World is flat idea,” is not so preposterous.  Because how else can you explain people that just disappear from your life.  Oh, they must sailed off the Earth.  So sad.

I seriously don’t get it.  People that my kids were BEST FRIENDS with have fallen silent.  NO LIE, once they realized we were truly moving, it’s like they no longer want to invest ANY time with our kids.  Why waste their time since we are moving?

Seriously, that’s how I feel.  For instance, there’s an old preschool friend – he attends private school, and though we don’t see him much when school is in session, the summers the boys typically hang out.  In fact, the last 4 summers, my son has gone with their family to the River.  The dad has taught him how to water ski, and wake board!  One summer, our entire family went with them.  We bonded.

Although we take long periods of time of not talking, typically, when I reach out to them via text, I usually get an immediate response.  I have been trying the last 5 months to get a hold of them.  NO RESPONSE.  There’s another boy that hangs out with them, who attends my son’s school.  We asked that family, “Hey, have you seen them lately?”

My daughter has a good friend that wanted us to make sure to hang out a few times this summer.  Do you think I can get them to respond/coordinate?

So, it’s come down to my son has (3) friends and my daughter has (3) friends that have met up to do activities.  Everybody else took a step off the edge to journey into space.

It’s gotta be what happened.  I hope they took one of those “life-line” thingies, to stay tethered to Earth and find their way back home.



19 thoughts on “They fell off the Earth

  1. Ask them! Just ask them. Say something down the line of “hey x, I was trying to get a hold of you a couple of times but no success. I know life can get busy but I was wondering if you took a step back because we are moving? Personally I think it would be a shame to waste the time we still have to spend together but I understand if you feel differently. I’d just like to know…”

    I think sometimes we assume things are a certain way and instead of asking we then just give up. Maybe it is something completely different. Who knows. I wish you best of luck and hope you will hear from them 👍🏻

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    1. Actually, I have inquired “over voicemail” because I can’t seem to get a voice. No. They have plenty of time this whole summer to get in touch with us. I inquired of another friend if they saw that family- yep, all the time – was their response.

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  2. I think this is an illustration of do unto others BEFORE they do unto you. Since you’re moving away, they may feel that you’re abandoning them, so perhaps they feel that they’d rather not be the “victims” of your treachery and are, instead, proactively abandoning you and your family first. Nasty business.


  3. I still have only 3 friends.. Hmm.. Oh well.. Maybe they started eating Cricket.. Or watching tumbleweed has become their favourite past time.. And who cares? Now as they have shown how they are, Just say Good Riddance..


    1. Just tell them.. They have to eventually learn.. Better from their parents mouth than experiencing the awful nature of those with their big snouts..

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  4. People suck. I hear you. It is sad that your kids have to learn the lesson so early, though. It seems nowadays we make a big issue about being ‘open’ and ‘talking’ to everyone but we don’t actually spend time with them. Since being off work injured, I spend alot of time alone. Oh, I get the ‘will come see you soon’ crap on social media, but can count on one hand how many friends have actually made an effort. I am usually the one who has to go to them! So, that is my whine, but I can understand your frustration and even anger….people just suck.

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    1. If you lived within driving distance (and by that I mean – next door) I’d SO SEE YOU…and then to tell you quit your whining and come help me pack boxes. 🙂 Because…it’s all about ME damn it.

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