Watch your tone

For the most part, my grrrs, most of my writing is upbeat, sunny-side-up, optimistic.  You’ll get a post occasionally where I might indicate some mild annoyance, but choose to poke fun or find dark humor.  Because who wants to read posts full of rage? Then you’re left after hitting “publish” all hot-n-bothered over what you just shared.  And you’re quite pissy for the next 20 minutes or so thinking over the situation.  And then, if you’re like me, end up spilling HOT COFFEE on yourself, which enhances your current mood and interesting sounds and words come flying out of your mouth.

Last night, I wanted to type something up so badly.  But with the aging process, comes wisdom.  (read as:  already been there / done that / suffered consequences / made note to self to…)

Basically the motto is NEVER type any material, especially e-mails,  while you are irritated.  The TONE will come across.  And yesterday, I was feeling quite annoyed.  My blogging pal, inquired where I was...I was busy with packing, as I had indicated, but I also needed time to stew over a couple of things. It’s funny, Mr. Sighty-pants (fellow blogger Sight11) once asked me – what bothers me.  What things do I dislike, not HATE, because hate is a strong word.

And I’ve got a couple of posts brewing (with my morning coffee) Sight.  I just need to compose and publish as separate posts, or they will be too long.  And I was always taught by other, very successful bloggers, a post shouldn’t go over 300 words.   This is nearing that mark!

So stay tuned…or be warned.  Chances are, it won’t be pretty. I’ll probably work myself up  into a lather.


9 thoughts on “Watch your tone

    1. First – let’s have some fun – or inspiration – you’ll probably like the next installment of Manic Monday- Summertime Blues. blues. We can go dark with that one. Now, would be the time to write a bright and cheerful post with Summertime blues. Hahahah.

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  1. Sighty-Pants has not asked me (so far) what bothers me, or what things do I dislike, but we do have our moments. I can never get irritated over anything that he ever says, because he is always willing to give you the shirt off his back (although in need of washing), and he would also give you an arm or a leg (hey I could have used that yesterday for limb).

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    1. Hey Jim.. You would do the same for me. Beside I wanted Sandi to express her other feelings.. It’s good to let it out. That’s what friends are for..

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