No Service

“I told you, those don’t work here,”  shaking my head at another visitor too attached to instant media.

The teenager continued to walk, curse, and try again because it just couldn’t be true. Whenever someone visits this town, they are always amazed how an entire city does not have cell service. It’s simple. No one wanted any cell towers built in or around our city. We pride ourselves on disconnecting from screens, and actually interacting with people face-to-face.

Eventually, the frustrated guest gave up, and I motioned to the telephone on the wall. Squinting his eyes, he asked, “What’s that?”

100 word count / Friday Fictioneer 7-28 / host Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


32 thoughts on “No Service

    1. I actually have a typewriter story like that. I was an office manager, and there were no available computers for our high school intern to print out labels, so I told her to use our electric type writer. “What’s that?” Seriously, she did not KNOW what a typewriter was by name or sight. I had to show her how to use it. She laughed the whole time.


  1. A wall.. Don’t tell me you don’t know what a wall is..
    No that..
    No smoking sign.. Don’t tell me that you don’t know what no smoking sign is..
    No that..
    Window.. Don’t tell me…

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    1. I used to work for a telecommunications company that provided our customers (Cingular / AT&T) a way to “hide” their cell towers as faux Trees and into Church crosses (the phone company would pay the church a regular fee) so it was a win/win for everyone. Many affluent areas of Orange County don’t want these towers and I remember there was one we were supposed to set up in Turtle Ridge neighborhood in Irvine – it was a NO GO. “not in my backyard” but then all those people wanted to know why cell service was so bad. No one wants these towers anywhere near them – they all think CANCER and eye sore. It was feasible at one time that a small town could have no cell service. Or very poor connection because the tower was too far away.


    1. Haha – was my vocabulary too simple in my post? (or comment on your post) Are you poking fun using “real” several times in your comment? I can take it! Hahahaha Expanding my words should be a goal, but I’m not a writer. Just a girl that likes to talk via keyboard.


    2. Hahaha – I’m good. I like to banter and realize – we all need to expand out of our comfort zone to improve, especially when it comes to writing. I’m new at the “fiction” – it’s not something I normally do.

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    3. You’re doing rather well at ‘fiction’, unlike me with this commenting. Not typing the words I am thinking! Keep going. And I like to banter to. Where I am living, they call it having a crack. When I first moved here, and people used to ask, ‘What’s the crack?’ It confused me somewhat.


    4. having a crack – I like that! I had another pal that loved the phrase “Let’s get crack-a-lackin”

      Yes, whenever something hits me oddly – I’ll straight out ask – like I did with you. Because it’s difficult to communicate ones thoughts and, more importantly, TONE. I used to be an office manager and would get called into the HR directors office, about my tone in the staff e-mail. Were you irritated when you wrote this? Next time, take a walk and then compose your e-mail. Hahahah


    1. I had to use a landline public phone once a few years back and was SHOCKED to find it was like .35cents for just a minute. Something crazy.


  2. My kids are very proud of having grown up with a landline so they can recognize the occasional antique when they see one. I’ve been seeing more and more of the phones of my youth showing up in museums.

    Great story. Come see mine here.

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  3. This prompt in general was eerie: my generation (early millenial, though I abhor that label) is the last to have ever actually placed a call on a pay phone. Your sense of the anachronicity of them is spot on.


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