Rainy road 

We are driving home from Vegas…still about 2 hours…in middle of desert, We go up a pass and RAIN.  What is this?

Bill:  “I hope we don’t get stuck in a flash flood”


He motions to the side road level with the highway loose dirt being saturated.  Perfect condition to wash out the road.

We got past it and no more rain…but could you imagine?  

8 thoughts on “Rainy road 

  1. Hmm… Reminds me of why America needs those 13 billion for just repairing the existing infrastructure products.. Safe trip.. (And if you have reached.. Take a well deserved rest)


  2. I never even think to worry about flash floods when driving – we get so many flash flood warnings here that amount to nothing, I’ve stopped paying attention to them entirely (except to consider taking an umbrella with me if I’m going outside).


    1. Well, I laughed because what would you do to prepare? If the road washes out and you’re in the middle of the desert? UM? Help? There are no trees to grab hold of.

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