What should we do?

All righty…

I am attempting a post via phone.  We are now officially in Las Vegas.  And as we just got onto the strip…Bill asked me what I’d like to do tonight. I look up from my phone…

Um go to Hard Rock?

We are in the middle of rewatching Game Of Thrones and so he said,

He looks like John Snow

And all you GOT fans…how did I respond…??

Come on…say it with me…

You know NOTHING, John Snow

I am going to do just a cluster of small posts while I am getting familiar with my new phone.  (Forgive me in advance)

Time to do a Tequila shot and go looking for food!

5 thoughts on “What should we do?

  1. I post almost exclusively from my iPhone. It has its challenges, that’s for sure. But I can read, write, add images and/or links, and do what needs to be done from literally anywhere.

    Like right now I’m lying naked in my bed.

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