Manic Monday #3 Challenge – Kicks

For those that enjoy challenges, and if you like music… you might have some fun with this.  It’s called Manic Monday.  Welcome to the 3rd installment!

*The video was one of the best I could find that included go-go dancers to really get a feel for the time.

Each Monday, I’ll present a new song title, and you come up with a post using it.  Due to time differences, I’ll often release on Sunday.  Ping back to this post, so others can read! (if not wordpress user, provide link to your post in comments)  It can be fiction/non-fiction, poetry, subject can be dark, serious or humorous – however many characters you want- just have fun with it!  It doesn’t have to pertain to the song, whatsoever. (click here for past song titles)

The rules are…there are no Rules!  (except using the title of the song part)

We started with the 80’s, then 70’s, and so let’s do the 60’s!  Paul Revere and the Raiders released “Kicks,” in 1966 as a single.  Originally written for the Animals, it’s one of the earliest anti-drug songs during a time when many bands were singing about drug induced highs.  It made Rolling Stone Magazine’s top 500 (came in at 400) of greatest songs of all time.   Wikepedia

Use that song title anywhere in your blog post, ping back this post! (visit others that posted, if you want) If you need more inspiration, you can Click here for lyrics

P.S.  Give me a few minutes to approve your PING to avoid spam.  Only comment with a link to your post (if not wordpress user) – minimizing comments ensures we can easily see all the posts.

19 thoughts on “Manic Monday #3 Challenge – Kicks

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  2. Super cool song! One of my favorites, and I saw them in person at a concert here in our town. In fact, it was the first concert I ever went to! 🙂 I’ll come up with something for the challenge tomorrow!

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