Road Trip!

That’s right…bring on the KING

“Bright city gonna set my soul, gonna set my soul on fire.”

I’m acting excited because I’ve agreed to go with my hubby on a business trip for a few days.  He has to meet his sales rep there on Monday.

Now, I’m not necessarily excited to be going to Vegas in particular for the main reasons others go.  I remember, back in the day, when in our early 20’s you could go there pretty inexpensively.  I never was a BIG GAMBLER because I never had the funds to be…Everyone antes up for a room, and you could sit at a slot machine and hang out for a bit and get a couple of free drinks pretty quickly.  You could go to one of those all-you-could eat buffets, for next to nothing.  Hang by the pool and walk around the strip easily enough – cross streets anywhere – and just take a little of your meager earnings to make it work for a weekend away with your pals.

That’s not the case anymore.  You can only get a decent room rate during the week.  You could be hanging out all day at one of the tables or slot machines and see the waitress ONCE maybe twice in between hours.  Those all you can eat buffets, are not inexpensive anymore.  Even some pools charge you an entrance fee, or an extra charge for towel.  And the city has blocked off the streets so that you can’t cross the street anywhere you like (safety feature, I  know) but at the same time, with added construction…there are areas that the sidewalk is so dang crowded, you feel like cattle being herded.  And when it’s hot…and there’s nowhere to go because sheets of wood barriers have been installed next to the street.  Being short, I get very claustrophobic and worry I’ll be trampled.

I did discover that Disneyland like aerial tramway last time.  Pretty cool with the kids, but again, the whole part of the Vegas thing was walking and looking around…but not now.  Besides, with my injured heel, I think I’ll be riding the tram.  Or making my honey pay for a cab.  (on work’s dollar)

I’m mainly going because I need to get out of the apartment I’ve been cooped up in, and the kids will be visiting their auntie for a couple of days.  I’ll enjoy the amenities of the hotel.  And some time with my hubby at the end of the day.

If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll see REBA so that I can tell her all about my blogging pal, Jim, at Random Writings on the bathroom Wall.  We’ll share a soda pop…while I burp-sing Jimbo’s praises.

I’d really love to see the flying Elvis’ – wait, that’s fiction and from the movie Honeymoon in Vegas…WAIT, no it’s not! (just looked it up)  They are real AFTER the director of Honeymoon in Vegas hired a group of sky divers and he had them dress up as Elvis.

In fact, they have performed near us in Newport Beach, CA!  Who knew!  But I guess it’s not a regular show, but a group you have to hire.  They are called the flying Elvi!  Hahahah.  What a great movie to watch tonight to get us amped up for our 5 hour drive on Sunday.

24 thoughts on “Road Trip!

    1. Hey.. Not funny.. Not funny at all..but enjoy some ‘me’ time.. You and your hubby need it..


  1. I was in Hawaii on vacation one time and my wife and I got tickets for ‘The Magnificent Seven’ who did all types of songs, but they did an entire Elvis set. They selected me and a few others from the audience to go on stage. It was a dinner performance and I had dropped some of my potatoes on my shirt leaving a big stain and I guess they thought that I might make a good fat Elvis because of his love for food. I went back stage where the put a wig and fake sideburns on me and they gave me a cape. They taught me a few moves and then I was put on stage to do karaoke to Heartbreak Hotel, it was so much fun.

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  2. Me: So this is Vegas, huh?
    Her: Isn’t it incredible?
    Me: Is this something I am supposed to like?
    Her: Yes.
    Me: When is that supposed to happen?
    Her: Now, silly.
    Me: wow, this is incredible…..

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    1. Okay so can I ask that question. Or should I wait? Hold on.. You are not seriously are gonna be blogging right. So tell them in your challenge post to not to worry and only comment by putting their URL..


    2. OK so this guy is bugging me to make my work public of this blog.. I don’t want to do it? He says if I do that I can land a job at his firm.. I don’t want to do that..


    3. May I offer a suggestion? Put your thoughts into a post – what your question is – the thoughts and struggles (with some background) and post the question to your readers. The blogging community is pretty good about input. (and for the most part a positive group) – I think typing out the pros/cons will ultimately help you make your own decision and you can still factor in feedback from everyone? Just ensure they realize it’s not fiction – but a true post wanting some assistance.

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    4. Come back from the trip, I just want to discuss this with you and Fandango. And watch out that heel of yours.. Remember rest..


  3. So true about Vegas! Everytime we go it gets more expensive and more crowded. It looks like one giant shopping mall now. Ah….but it’s still Vegas. Sit by the pool, put some tunes on and have a few drinks (if you need an incentive, just take one for the team and have some drinks for us ;0 ). Enjoy!

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    1. So upsetting! Flamingo closed their pool at 6pm! I don’t do sun. I wanted to have some drinks in the pool at night.


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