Move along

Check out the above amazing doll house.  Santa brought this for my daughter one year, where it would take up a good portion of our living room for many more years.  When it became more of a dust-collector vs. toy, my husband would disassemble, found an old microwave box, and would store into the garage.  Every so often, he would break it out, and the kids would pretend to help daddy reassemble.  My daughter would play with it on occasion, and then the cycle would repeat.  Disassemble/store/reassemble.

Except, now she’s older and when we sold our condo two March’s ago, it has been boxed up in our apartment garage.  Because we are reducing to prepare for our out-of-state move, we’ve been going through every box and HEY!  I forgot about this!

So, I told my husband, put together so I can snap photos of it and sell on one of those online garage sales I had recently discovered via Facebook.  I’m part of 6 groups now.

**Side note:  This is apparently going to be my 3rd installment of not giving away everything to Goodwill, but not liking garage/yard sales, to discovering online garage sales**  Click here to see the other two posts.

Immediately, my husband (the hoarder) gasps.

“Sell it?  Why?  It’s something we can put together!  We can have the kids put it together as activity this summer.”

I burst out laughing, because my mind flash-forwarded to thinking about our kids attempting that.  First of all, our daughter never enjoyed legos (so that won’t really interest her, unless I or dad or doing it with her) and my son did love legos, but there’s no instructions to the doll house (and he’s now a teenager, to get him to do anything)…AND most of all,  our kids fight.  I can assure you, that would turn into a more wooden disaster.  Someone would end up being staked, and that someone would probably end up being ME for trying to break up a rumble.

“We don’t need to keep the doll house just because it’s a cool thing to put together.  We have tons of Star Wars, Ninjago, and some other brand of Legos!  But, you can try to get them to work on this today, because I do need it assembled so I can sell”

Did the kids help?  NOPE.  My son, as predicted, quickly lost interest when there were many pieces and no instructions.    (and of course, we couldn’t find the manufacturer name on any piece of wood, and couldn’t find the exact one online – it’s been too many years)  My daughter was only interested AFTER dad put it together.  She then rearranged the furniture for about 7 minutes, because that’s what we women do, and went back in her room!

I rearranged the furniture some more (for pictures!) as my husband looked online to see the value.  HOLY COW.  Hand made wooden houses go for a lot – At least $120 for the house itself.  Another $100 for the furniture/people.  And, none of the houses we saw were nearly as cool as this.  All the windows, doors, and furniture doors opened/closed.

So we decided on listing for $60.00.  If no one was interested, we’d just keep as cool decor in our new house.  My daughter still liked it.  We wouldn’t sell for less.

Immediately, two people wanted it.  Our friend started her own Montessori Preschool, and said it would be perfect for one of her preschool classrooms.  She came over to collect.  I feel weird about selling items to friends.  I feel I should just be “donating” it to her classroom.  However, summer work is very slow for me and I need the cash from selling our stuff.

Fortunately, this family is particularly well-off financially, so not only did she give me $60.00, but an additional $5.00 to my daughter directly, since she was having to part with something special.  What a great lady!

Anyway, my husband goes to help my friend move it into her car.  The House has a handy-dandy handle.  As my husband goes to pick it up, the support wood breaks and the roof COMES OFF as the remaining house bangs to the ground! OMG. I look at him in dismay, hold pieces of the roof…and then back to my friend:

“Let me give you back your money.”

She, of course said, slow-down…not so hasty.  She wanted it and it was nothing wood glue couldn’t fix.  We both laughed and accused my husband that he did that on purpose, because he never wanted to part with a good toy.

After inspection, yes, the original sealing had just come loose on a support beam.  It was just one piece, unbroken, that needed to be glued.  WHEW.

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10 thoughts on “Move along

    1. Seriously, outside of Craig’s List – I have found (if you are willing) to reduce the amount – just to make “some” money – not a lot – check out Facebook and the different online Yard/Garage sale groups. Primarily, I find it’s moms…but I had a dad come running out for Barbie Movies the other day for his daughter. 🙂 We sold a metal filing cabinet. Those things are sold $300 at Staples and such – we sold it for $10.00 and they came and picked it up. So again, if you are willing to do “bargains” or sell items in “lots” – like my son’s shorts – 10 pair for $20.00 – people LOVE that. And I’m no longer just “giving it away” to goodwill. I can get cash for gas and reduce the crap out of our place.


    1. Right? And we couldn’t find the exact one we had to price compare. Ours was just better. Bigger, more stuff – then I recalled, I did pay a lot for the “Santa Gift” years ago… yes another grandma wanted it for her twin granddaughters to replace the smaller one she had for the girls. Except, I thought it would be great for a preschool – years of fun! So I’m happy. How odd that we care what happens to some of the toys. it’s not a puppy…oh, I hope to find it a good home. Yet, that’s how we acted.

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  1. Hmm.. I am going to be politically correct in my comments.. Great post.. There no reason for you or Fandango or Jim or your hubby to get angry at me..


  2. I can relate. I tell my kids, our place is a revolving door for toys. You want new ones, you got to get rid of something old. There’s no ‘visiting’ with your toys. They’re not hospitalized. If you k ow you have lost interest and not going to play with them, then they must go. Great share, Sandi


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