Christmas in July

Ornaments lie dormant in your garage for a year, unless the wife breaks out all the color and festiveness making it Christmas in July.

I have always heard this term, but never really knew what it was.  There’s actually a Wikipedia page.  This term popped in my head, as we are in the process of reducing items for our big move!

I went through all the Christmas items, and my gawd!  When did we accumulate so much?  I decided 3 big bins was plenty.  The follow items, did not fit in the bin, some because I just couldn’t make it fit (others, I didn’t want to fit)  Thus – let’s see if anyone wants to buy it!

Some items were from kids’ events/young kiddo days that they are now too old for, or the item is just old.  Other knick-knacky stuff are gifts received from my mother-in-law.  When Grandma works at Target, with her employee discount, senior discount, and hitting the $1.00 section…the kids get all sorts of interesting items, like a Holiday Darth Vader (in Santa cloak) bobble head!


Funny side note:  One year, we got a bath towel.  (just one, no matching other or hand towel or wash cloth – later to discover my hubby’s sister got the other towel – so one of us just passes said towel to the other to make a set)

Grandma is very fond of handing out her own cheap stockings every Christmas or little hand bags.  These items always has some strange looking tangerine or orange (that is on its last legs) and random other stuff with weird chocolate pieces.  Hand sanitizer, deodorant but the kinds they don’t want to use – random things from the dollar store.  I’m forever stating,

“Dump out, okay don’t use that product.  Toss that.”  I feel like it’s Halloween and we are inspecting our candy!

Typically these stockings include a gift card to Target….which, honestly, a hug and gift card is sufficient.  Save your $$, we don’t need the stockings.  But, part of us are intrigued to see what lies-in-wait that year. (it’s great future blogging material)  Except, my hubby never wants to get rid of anything!

Unfortunately, for me, he woke early before I could snap these photos and put away the items – him none-the-wiser.

“Wait, what are you doing with all this?  You’re not getting rid of all this are you?  I want that beer mug ornament.”  (a joke I purchased one year and attached as present wrapping decor)

“No, hon, just blogging about it.”  

Sometimes, you just have to fib to the person who is a pack-rat and can’t bare to part with things that he won’t even notice are gone…except that damn beer mug now.  He’ll be looking for that specifically!  (ugh) I’ll have to find the storage boxes and squish that in there.

**update, sold everything for just $5.00 to a mom who’s daughter is a Special Education Teacher and has holiday decor, but nothing for December!  So win/win!


7 thoughts on “Christmas in July

  1. Every year when I opened up my presents under the tree, there was always that package of underwear mixed in. I always wondered why my parents had to go through the trouble of wrapping up underwear, which I was always disappointed when I saw that it was not a real present, but they would laugh getting a kick out of my frustration,

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  2. It’s fun to look back through all the old stuff, and remember things about them. We had a deal for awhile, of an ornament exchange gift game. We’d try to out-do each other in the strange, silly, and outrageous ornaments. I still have the ones we got. 🙂

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  3. Sandi, you’re killing this selling game! High-five! You can always blame the ‘disappearance’ of the beer ornament on the move. Things ALWAYS get lost when you do a big move, right? (This is where you nod your head in agreement)


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