Waitress Nightmares

pyx9ibkdI’ve never done the “Press this” button before – but here it is!  I haven’t been to Properly Ridiculous site in a while.  And I’m dying – had the best laugh this morning!  And I had to share Jen’s post!


Source: Waitress Nightmares


11 thoughts on “Waitress Nightmares

    1. It’s a blogger I like to read. I reposted her recent blog. If you want to give it a read? I don’t know if you’ll find it as funny as I did.


    2. I understand that part. No matter how I might look I’m not stupid. What I wanted to ask was whether the post is inspired by true events or fictional ones..


    3. Okay, Sorry I thought it will be inappropriate on my part to just out of the blue ask this question? Some people do get offended


    4. No matter how I might look I’m not stupid. – watch yourself, dude. Or I might have to put you on a SPAM time out.

      I didn’t know what you’re asking. Ask her if true or fictional. It’s her nightmare. I’m guessing it’s not fiction.

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    5. Don’t get angry I am ridiculing myself. Seriously I can’t even do that.. Someone didn’t get her coffee..


  1. I have had to press the button many times. All the classrooms have the button and when it is pressed an administrator is supposed to come to your aide. I hate when the administrator arrives and they end up coddling the bad student instead of issuing discipline, that just undermines all of my authority.

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