Fence without a gate

Wait, I don’t understand.  How much for the fence again?  Something didn’t sound right.  Confusion spilled over me, and across the table the home builder broker restated,

“$30 a ft for the fence…”

WOW, okay, still seems like a lot.  Um, so how big is our back yard, and how much total would that be…except they can’t tell us, because they won’t know until later, and depending on if neighbor decides to have fence, etc.  And at that time, they hadn’t sold all the lots yet:

“…And $300…no, they just increased it, $500 for the gate.”

Wait!  There it is again, CONFUSION.  What?

“So… a gate… isn’t part of the fencing price?  Not included? ”

The broker confirmed items were separate in price.  All she wanted to do was check off her little bubble and charge us and move on to the next custom selection.

“Okay, so maybe we can just get the gate then?”

The broker looked at me with a blank stare. “Without the fence?  Just want to buy the gate?”

Exactly my point.

Who buys a fence without a gate?  And why wouldn’t that be  included in the fencing price?  And an additional $3,000 for “landscaping,” which means a little grass with some bark.  We’re moving in October – grass is going dormant anyway.  No wonder people aren’t getting backyards.

We decided NO-to-the-hell-no.  I don’t think so.  Guess we’ll just have some dirt for a while.

The builder recently gave my  husband the phone numbers of our soon-to-be-future neighbors (both sides of us) to discuss fencing options, since we’ll share a side.  GUESS WHAT, my little grrrs…. what does one of them do for a living?

He builds homes!  WHAT?

Builder Bob is all grown up and lives next door!  (Yea…Snoopy happy dance)

He is going to do his own fencing, and we’ll pay him to finish our non-shared sides.  Then, his brother-in-law, is a landscaper.  So, we’ll pay less, for better work!  And he is keeping an eye on the guys doing the work on his house and agreed to watch our house too.  He has been telling some of the workers,

“Hey, you need to do that better.  Redo that.  And clear the backyard of boulders.”

Thank you neighbor for watching in our absence!  We’ll buy you some beer and cook up some BBQ when our backyards are done!

Count down has started… we move to Oregon in 1 month.  House is supposed to be done Oct./Nov.



9 thoughts on “Fence without a gate

  1. I remember buying my first house and I got a bill for $1,000 which was a connection charge to the sewer line. I know how these builders can nickel and dime you with every little thing. If you go on a walk through before you sign the mortgage than that is your chance to get back at them. Make sure that they take care of every item that you add to the punch list.

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    1. Oh, yes. I’ve bought a new house before and remember going through all that. But, never did they charge for roof gutters separately or fence. It came with the purchase of the house!

      I’ll have to inquire about that sewer line though – since it is a new community! We’ll be broke after paying closing costs. We won’t have extra $$ for that kind of thing.


  2. Oh, boy! Thank you for sharing this post and for the comments. We are looking to build within a community too. We are still in the early stages and this inside info is good to be aware of. Sigh So much to make note of.


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