What in the Blazes happened?

Sue Vincent’s #Writephoto challenge                           (photo source unknown)

How did I find myself here?

Her death was an accident.

But how does one explain to the authorities, when they aren’t even certain what happened themselves? Although not intentional, the end result is still the same, ultimately, my fault. No one would believe my outlandish story. Wrapping my own mind around it, was proving difficult.

And now, I find myself purposely destroying evidence, my panic rising with the flickering flames, as they grow into a full blaze. The red glow mesmerizes my tortured soul.

How did this happen?

Response to  #writephoto / Thursday Challenge / Sue Vincent

35 thoughts on “What in the Blazes happened?

    1. Really, cuz, I don’t see what happened. It wasn’t very clear being in the mind of that person. sucks for them though. But they will get caught with DNA – they always do.


    2. The memories of the incident were hazy.. And so your writing perfectly captured it.. Couldn’t have said or wrote it better..

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    1. Should I open a Facebook account? Nah to much of a hassle for me.. I will Google search it.. to find out more about this Rummikub..


    1. Nope – remember – work and stuff. I’m trying to wean myself off here for a bit. I’ve got to get things done! 🙂


    1. I wouldn’t even know where to go with that – actually, that would be the prologue or something and then I’d have to start fresh (at the beginning) but what that would be… ????

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  1. I actually thought you were going to reveal that you accidentally burned your child’s favorite plushy😄. The anguish of a mother who zoned out while cleaning the house.


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