Smiles, everyone, Smiles

Fantasy Island, “Smiles, everyone, smiles!”

We’ve all heard the adage, “Savor the little things in life.”

There are phrases out there that make us smile.  Of course, what parent doesn’t adore when their child says, “I love you, momma” or wakes and says “morning, mom”  Or the love expressed by your spouse/significant other.  Outside of those obvious items inherent to most of the population, what else makes you smile and savor the tiny bits of life?  Here’s some of my list:

Old Shows, with famous lines

Like Ricardo Montalban of Fantasy Island

“Smiles, everyone, Smiles”

The beeping of the coffee machine

indicating coffee is brewed and ready

The “ding” sound of my computer/phone notifying me

 I have a new text

a new message on Facebook

 a like / or comment on blog

When an announcer yells either of these:

“Are you READY?”

“Let’s get ready to RUMBLE”

When I hear a live album (said before each concert)

“Hello, I’m Johnny Cash”

Jane’s Addiction’s intro to STOP

such a great way to anticipate the rockin’ beginning

“señores y señoras
nosotros tenemos más influencia con sus hijos que tu tiene
pero los queremos…
creado y regado de Los Angeles
Juana’s Adicción!”

and then we scream with the band:

“Here were go!

Quotes from movies, like Corey Haim, The Lost Boys

“My own brother, a blood sucking vampire…

….you just wait until I tell mom”

At a county fair and ringing bell

“Winner, Winner, Winner…

…Chicken dinner”

Officiant telling newly married couple

“You may now kiss your bride”

When you are starving and you hear

“Your order is ready”

Yes, this is just a starter list. I need to pay attention more to things that make me smile.  And maybe, I’ll end up smiling even more!  What are yours?


20 thoughts on “Smiles, everyone, Smiles

    1. Hey, Hey – this is a positive post. YOU ARE HIRED – is definitely smile worthy. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that!


    2. They say the average person gets laid off, at least, once in their life. I’ve been “laid off” 4 times! It’s basically the same result… we like you, but… you have no job now. Sowwwrrry.

      OH…I GET IT…IF you hate your job, then the words,”you’re fired” – could make one smile…oh, okay! I get to collect unemployment…yes…while I look for a job I DO like.


    3. It was pun intended seriously this phone is getting a mind of its own. Fandango is having the same problem. And who is stupid enough to fire you? I Monty faaarrtt in their direction..


    4. I thought I understood “puns” but apparently, those too, go over my head and float around with some poetry stanzas up there that I’m still trying to figure out. It’s getting a little crowded in my brain cloud these days. I might need to do some deleting.


    5. Dude – have I responded yet… you’ll know I read your post, because you’ll get some type of response from me. I had to go get like my 4th cup of coffee. On my way… I’m nice and alert, and jittery now. Should make for an interesting comment.

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    6. Oh it was that delete comment.. That made me think you were pulling down my pants. But why are you thinking too hard.. You have an in built cleaner.. It will be automatically deleted.. The haziness i mean..


    1. Glad I made you smile!

      I’m not familiar with that movie, I’ll have to Google. Honestly, I always thought it was hokey and that’s why I smile. Because we live in Southern, CA and to hear our fair saying it, we’re not farm people. Years ago there were El Ranchos (the wild west) but who has Ranch hands anymore…the closest farm land we have is Chino – and that’s primarily dairy. 😉 No one here donates baked pies and makes dinner for the county fairs – not here anyway. Too commercialized. Everyone wants to make a buck. I wish we lived in a small town like that where people did donate their goods, and where “Winner, Winner, Chicken dinner” actually meant that person won Mrs. cook’s fried chicken.


    1. I was going to put that down! Hearing my winning lottery ticket numbers called out loud. But, since it hasn’t happened yet…

      and who knows, maybe I think I’ll smile, but what if I’m eating something and upon discovering I’m a winner…choke on food and die? I wouldn’t be smiling then.

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  1. Dragging my medicated ass through this medicated day and I read your post. Smiles and giggles escape and I now have Corey Haim’s voice in my head, to the soundtrack of Jane’s Addiction. By the way, that is a great movie quote! I like you more and more everyday. What started out as a nasty morning has now turned into a fun and thankful afternoon.
    Thanks! 🙂

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  2. chocolate
    a busy house…assuming no one is crying
    laughing…me…my kids
    dusk…You know that point when a dark room looks like it is aglow from black light?
    a good meal that hopefully includes steak
    Going out to dinner…I just realized my list is primarily food related, and I’m pretty sure that’s a problem…
    Solving a problem or making progress on something I’m working on…having a new idea or problem to work on
    Did I mention chocolate?
    snuggles from my kids


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