Burst of Colors


Some times it takes moxie to let your true colors show!  Go on with your bad-self!  No matter of your sexual identity, or if you are considered strange, dance off beat, go left when others go right…  We’re all…

“Beautiful like a rainbow.”

This is one of those songs so stunningly sung and artistically portrayed by Cyndi Lauper, who normally is much louder in her performances.  I’m surprised this did not make Rolling Stone’s Top 500 best songs of all time. (when I compare it to others on the list) – she was so cutting edge in her genre of music.

Like Cyndi Lauper, be who you need to be, write the way you choose and you will find other like-minded individuals or ones that embrace your differences and appreciate the change and opportunity to grow and learn from one another.

I’m so glad to not view the world in just black-n-white.  Not only is there gray, but a spectrum of color too!  (Thanks, mom!)

I’ve always loved when those clairvoyant individuals come to me and tell me I have a bright light, very bright, very warm that surrounds me.  My aura lights up a room and they immediately come over to me.  I’ve had this happen two or three times now on random occasion, different years.  I believe it!

8 thoughts on “Burst of Colors

    1. Oh, these old songs – back in the day when MTV was good. Now, it’s all reality shows and new videos that allow too much to be said and seen. I’ll leave it at that. They need to censor some of that.

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