When the Hamburglar visits In-N-Out

I am trying to get this to reflect on the Daily Post / Daily Prompt.  I’ve been having difficulty.  Tailor is the prompt.

I took the kids and friends to In-N-Out the other day.  Immediately, they all sat on opposite sides of the restaurant.  The boys, both 13, wanted to be no where near the 11-year-old girls.  So I sat with the girls.

They had a great indoor guy that went around asking people how they were doing, as he wiped down tables. And made it fun.

Employee Chase to the girls:

“Okay, if you could have any super power, what would it be? “ (and he gave them a selection of examples)

My daughter responded with:  “SUPER SPEED”

When asked why, she indicated because then she could RUN super fast.  (Oh, super fast for what purpose?)  So she could Run down to Bagels and Brew.  (Oh, yes, and get a bagel.  Some times you just need one of those super quick)

Then Chase looked at my daughter’s friend, “INVISIBILITY”  

When asked why, it was so she could spy on people.  Bad people.  (Oh, yes, like secret intelligence?) Except she tailored it to her version…

“Or one could steal people’s food.”  (well, that’s not good.  See your hamburger leaving your table, floating through the air)

And Just like that, In-N-Out had a hamburglar on their hands.



29 thoughts on “When the Hamburglar visits In-N-Out

    1. Just go to discussion setting and see if send pingback is enabled. My also got disabled today.. I can’t see it in the Daily Prompt page..


    2. I went into discussion and I don’t see that particular option. I have allow pingbacks (to my site- as in people pinging me) but no outgoing pings?


    3. Just refresh the page.. It will be posted.. It looks like when you posted it.. It was not properly published..


    1. OK sorry i was in the washroom. Do one thing under the dashboard go to posts. Select this post. And then click quick edit. Scroll all the way down and see if allow pings are enabled.. OK.. Sometimes individual post start behaving this way.. Weird..


  1. I’ve never been to an In-and-Out burger place. And as to a super power, I’d like the to have the ability for my eyes to zoom in so I could get a closeup view of something in the distance.

    Okay, maybe I should just buy a pair of binoculars. 😜


    1. I feel you about the glasses thing I have that same reality. But as to a super power, on second thought, I’d really would like to be able to record my dreams and then watch them on TV when I’m wide awake. That could be illuminating! Not sure how super it would be, though.

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    2. more tired. Had to … well, never mind. Maybe I’ll post about it. Or not. I haven’t done any reading. I’ll probably catch up on everything this weekend. we’re also watching 2 friends this weekend! ugh.

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