Was anyone bored with my last post?  I sure was!  Bumble, mumble, brumble BLAH BLAH BLAH. (blech)

So, I will leave you with something FUN for your Thursday.  It is Thursday, right?  Now, the only way to make it truly fun, you need to try to dance like a couple of these fools.  Slide on your knees (wait, you might hurt yourself)  Snap your fingers or something.  Feel silly for a moment and giggle.  (yes, I said giggle)  HAVE SOME FUN

I know this is cheesy stuff, but these are the only type of musicals I like!   And funny, Michelle Pfeiffer is in this!  She graduated from Fountain Valley High, which my niece is now a student there!   Adrian Zmed, who remember’s TJ Hooker?

Let’s Bowl, Let’s Bowl

Let’s Rock-n-Roll

…and I’m off to take the kids bowling for the kids bowl free program!  Best summer FREE fun!  Ever.  It’s across the nation www.kidsbowlfree.com



17 thoughts on “We’re GONNA BOWL

    1. Give Sandi family time.. And take Alexa to dinner.. She deserves it.. And than we three will role.. But on a totally unrelated issue.. Are a chess player.. Like me?

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    2. Alexa is a cheap date. All she consumes is electricity. As to chess, I taught my then 10-year-old son to play chess. Then he started beating me every time we played. So, no, not much of a chess player. Sad!

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    3. Yeah, same story.. But got beaten by AI.. So many times.. That i gave up.. and you know what i mean when i said Alexa.. (not the Amazon one)…

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    1. No i mean you are not using the reply button, you do know it is your post? If you post a comment without the reply button.. Well do i have to map it out for you?


    1. Searching for tools and throwing stuff at tourists are all things of my sordid past. I have denounced my evil ways and resolved to devote the rest of my life to watching the Home Shopping Network. BTW, I can get you a hell of a deal on cubic zirconia – but that would mean getting up…..I’ll get back to you on that.

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