Bumble about

My job sometimes requires marketing, calling schools to see if they have a PTA/PTO group to determine if they have fundraisers based on pledges, not selling merchandise.  Our company creates websites for school’s fundraising events that are based on a Jog-a-thon, Jump-a-thon, lift-a-thon, etc.  Some of these phone calls, we bumble about:

“Oh, no, honey… our PTA might be going away.” 

 What?  Are they going on vacation?  To the Bahamas, perhaps?  (Hmm, that’s what that last fundraiser was for…)  OR Is someone going to POP them?  Should they be warned? (insert nerf-gun sound **poppoppop**)

Another call thinks I’m offering to put on a jog-a-thon for her:

“Oh, that sounds like  A LOT OF FUN (said with lots of energy)... but we’re kinda maxed out on our fundraisers right now. (said with no energy and a yawn)” 

How ’bout a sleep fundraiser?  She sounds like she could use some.  Win Win for all.  Another call the person sounded like that dude off the movie, Office Space:

63234470a47e3e8234c4224f5a9bd485“So yeahhhh, we really don’t have a parent teacher group.  (draws in breath) Yeahhh, we don’t really fundraise for that matter.” 

How do these schools find ways to not fundraise…because every time we blink, our school is asking for $$.  Then you get the people that don’t listen:

“We already have our fundraiser set for the year.” 

That’s not what I’m asking.  Please answer the question!  I’m not trying to put on an event for you, I’m trying to assist with your upcoming event.  BUT My favorite it the one that just repeats themselves, but doesn’t really answer, sounding like Elaine’s boyfriend, Puddy, from Seinfeld:

“Yeah. (muffle), (muffle)” 

What?  Are you eating on the phone?  You do a fun walk?

“mmm…Yeah, we do fundraisers.” 

Yes, but do they require pledges?

“Uh…Yeah, we do fundraisers.  Yep, that’s right.”  

Yeah, we’re a school.  (slapping my head) Around in a circle we go.

Came across this school name- Socrates Academy- and immediately yelled in my head SO CRATES (like Bill and Ted, in Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure)  Oh dear, time to take a break!



11 thoughts on “Bumble about

  1. Hmm.. I can’t imagine that.. You always win.. Always.. Who is it that doesn’t understand you.. Who?
    Tell your husband about it.. And he will avenge I will assist.. Toilet papers.. Here we go..


  2. I hope, deep down inside, you love your job because making marketing calls such as those you described sounds so incredibly thankless. But it does make great fodder for an amusing blog post.


    1. THANK YOU… right? Out of all that, that’s what I’m talking about too. What do you mean you don’t fund raise? I don’t understand?


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