What’s the deal?

People… please.

A plea from your fellow sister-in-blog.  Yes, your sibster.

If you’re going to have a blog, spend some time understanding your admin functions.  This goes for me too!

The other day, I had to spend time figuring out where WordPress moved some things that I used to find elsewhere.  (I had taken about a year off from blogging) so my dashboard changed radically and became VERY BUSY with tons of added functions so to find the SPAM – well, I couldn’t find it right away…or for a while. After much searching, I finally found it (click on Dashboard and then click on comments, and then you’ll see approved, spam, trash options) and released some “good comments” that were filtered as SPAM.  Had I been checking this regularly, I would have saved one of my blogging pals some grief.  We laughed about it later…


Seriously, what is the deal with people commenting on your site, or linking their post to a challenge, you take the time to click their page or post…

just to get

That page no longer exists or has been deleted? – really because they just commented or liked my post?  On one blogger, I actually went above and beyond, because I couldn’t figure out how they commented without a site. I Discovered, they created one wordpress account linked to a particular site, but changed sites and didn’t update their personal account with the new web address.  So every time they comment on a site, if someone clicks their name/profile to visit their site, you get the no page or account has been deleted.  If this is you…please STOP go to your Admin/USERS button, Personal settings – scroll to the bottom clear the address to your deleted site, and save the new site address.  (also, update your MY profile with what websites you have -remove the deleted)  See below example.  Website automatically links when you make comments!

moving on… today, I hit a challenge board to see what other bloggers are posting…What?

404 error message? Or something like below– how did they end up linking to the challenge?  Or they linked and then deleted their post?  (why?)

I’ve come across a lot of these lately.  It’s frustrating.  Please, if you want others to visit your site, ensure your links work!

P.S. Love you all, but you’re driving your sister-in-blog absolutely crazy! (like my new term?  SIB for short?  And brother-in-blog – BIB for short – so fitting!)

I’ll have to add that to my side bar vocabulary – with my “Grrs” (bloggers) icon.


That is all for now, my grrrs.  Carry on!


25 thoughts on “What’s the deal?

  1. I am not a BIB.. Definitely not a SIB.. I am AFS.. (amigo of Sandi and Fandango).. Imagine Fandango has to write the same thing as he is an ASS.. Hahahah

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    1. HEY – why does Fandango’s letter get to go first? (hahah) – and double hahah hahah to the ASS. I don’t know if he’ll find that humorous. 🙂

      OH, poop. Do I have to make a transgender one? – For the most part – that’s why everyone is a grrr. Instead of peep – blogger – GRRR. That way, there is no gender reference. I hate having to be so dang PC. I love all people – I mean no harm. Gimme a break. SBIB or BSIB or TIB (sigh) or FIB – friend in blog. Why is it all so complicated?

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    2. Don’t know it’s you who open up a can of worms.. I was happy with GRRR.. I posted ASF but autocorrect again changed it to AFS(diff. GRRR)
      You could see for yourself, I mention your name first in the bracket, not because Fandango is less of a friend or anything like that. But because you are and always will be my first pal.. Hey Fandango we (Sandi and I) are still BFF right.. Or are you kicking me out..

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    1. Oh, Jim! You can’t drive because you’re a danger to yourself/society? I’m not sure if that makes me feel more comfortable. On your ID, it’s noted – can’t drive – danger to society.

      And yes, crazy in California. But, this would drive me crazy anywhere.

      P.S. Mel responded to my texts. She’s doing very well. Did you she talk to you? I miss her. I miss all our old blogging community. I need to go eat something bready now…comfort food.


  2. I get those, sometimes, even from those I regularly read. I figure it’s maybe a WP mess up, because later I go back and it’s fine. Still annoying when it happens.


    1. maybe at temporary glitch, but more likely people delete sites/posts and forget to update things. I actually was on a mission to find that one site. I eventually found her under a different site address. She had deleted her old account, made a new one – but didn’t update her personal settings with the new address. So, when she comments, it’s link to the deleted account.


  3. I can never keep it straight. They, WP & Blogger, change constantly. One blogger has Blogger, but has comments through Intense Debate, who is somehow in cahoots with WP. Well, after blogging together for 6 years, I could no longer comment there. It seems there is a glitch between my security and hers…? I gave up, only because I had to. I do moderate comments on my blog. But, almost anyone can comment, I believe. I get people asking because they don’t see their comment and wonder. Once I get it, I publish it, if it isn’t Spam. You know what the wonderful Roseanna Roseannadanna said. “It’s always something.” *wink*


    1. Wait, what? I’m not following you. You participated on a photo challenge? And you need to click “space?” I don’t understand.


    2. You remember Nasa images i used to post.. Well technically i didn’t click it.. So it’s not original and other rules.. And regulation..


    3. Oh, yes, I think the image is supposed to be yours. As for any other blogging, and using of photos from internet – if not public domain, we’re supposed to ensure credit is given to the source and many times, I link it directly? But yeah, those photo challenges are supposed to be images you personally took with camera or phone.

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    4. The problem is no one told me before, and the image are in public domain and I always said Official Nasa image.. And they want me to go to space and click it.. Well pay me


  4. I feel like I’m at a party standing outside of your circle eavesdropping in on your conversation 😔 I want to be an ASS too (now like in a dream, I have transported into a different scene where I’m the only kid at the lunch table) 😂😂

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    1. YOU CAN JOIN us! 🙂 YAY new person in the group. We’re just a few blogging groupies! Jump in on the banter! Just start showing up and commenting! Sight and Fandango love visits. (you just got to promise to give them a hard time)


  5. Ah. I caught that I was one of those people whom you speak of. I noticed I hadn’t changed my Web address in my profile a few days ago. Hopefully it is fixed but I will have to double check cuz know I have doubts! Thanks for the heads up to us beginners!

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    1. I didn’t know either until I had researched it. It would have happened to me too, had I got ridden of an old account. I wouldn’t have remembered to make that change.


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