What’s 100 years?

honking the horn “err-ah-errrr-ahh”

The local movie theater does their summer movie series, where they show animated movies for just a $1.00.  It’s fun to see favorites again, while sitting in a cool theater.  I’ve been contemplating having my kids go by themselves as an exercise in independence.  However, my son (now 13) has decided he’s much too old and refuses to go.  And this week is a set of movies I don’t care much to see.  So, my husband comes home and inquired what was on the schedule for tomorrow…going to the movies?  I immediately said not me, but our daughter was going to meet her friends there.  When asked why I wasn’t going:

“I don’t want to see Rango 2”

“Rango?  Oh Rio 2?”

“Same thing?”

I indicated she was going to walk, but that I was having second thoughts, because it seems kind of far and she’ll be by herself.  But then, I remembered, I was riding my bike all over the city when I was 10.  She’s almost 12, so she should be fine, right?  My husband replies:

“Yeah, but it’s 1917 now.”  


“Really…So … she needs a proper escort?  Ensuring she doesn’t dress up like a Flapper Girl and pick up a new mobster boyfriend along the way?  They shall have a smashing good time going to the Piggly Wiggly to pick up some pep pills, and get completely blotto before hitting the dance hall and maybe shooting-up the place and end up dead and buried?”

He just stared at me for a second,  “Yeah, you better go with her.”


19 thoughts on “What’s 100 years?

  1. How on earth could you do that to the poor guy.. His tongue must have slipped.. 1917…hmm…should have come with a better excuse.. To watch the little one(if she is little)..


    1. So Transitional phase where Aw.. Turns to Ew.. Where Come on(do it) changes to Come, On(really), when smile change to frowning.. Sigh! You are in for a long haul mam. Take my advice. Always keep your eyes on the.. You know what I mean..


    2. Hey, I just figured something out (off topic) – remember when you asked how I knew you were posting off a cell phone? And I mentioned typos. Other major tells – lower case i or the use of no apostrophe’s. Not you specifically, but other Phone/texters are typically too lazy for upper case and I was trying to help my daughter find the apostrophe on another screen on the phone she was using. (it wasn’t easy to find) I make them text using proper spelling. (terrible mom, I know) but otherwise, they will learn to misspell.

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    3. Thank you. I too am getting affected by it now. I have decided starting next week. I will comment less and less, I know it’s a hassle. But better play along..

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  2. Hey, Sandi!! Great post!! Loved the gangster and flapper reference🤣 🤣! If you were not desiring to go, why paint such a horrid visual for dad?! Poor dude. Poor you. Poor daughter. 😆 😆 😆


    1. (and pssst. – she just walked – notice I said walked – out the door to hit the 99cent store for cheap candy and on her way to meet friends at the movies – those friends have their mom with them….but whatever) How can a child become independent – if they don’t get an opportunity to do things on their own? Of course, she has to text me every step of the way.

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    2. 🤣 🤣 Oh, Sandi! I get it! I get it! I have a nine year old over here who I WISH would do more on her own. Heck, truth be told, the same goes for my six year old (boy)! I’ve felt that way about them as soon as they turned four. By then, they were Steve Jobs with the electronics so I’m like, “Cool! You can work your way around a computer, then go in that kitchen and cook me a meal!” *SIGH* 😞 I would love to leave them at home so that I can go out and run all the way to the next borough (I live in NYC), but there’s something called law here which says I can’t. PSH!

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    1. THAT’s right. So he totally should be completely understanding (not offended) when we grab the case, open it up, and search the contents! That’s what we parents are supposed to do, right? Just making sure there’s not a Tommy gun in there. (what? What’s that?)


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