Whoops – that was kinda dirty

So, my husband and I have almost reached our limit on packing.  There comes a time, when you just become loopy and do silly things.

For instance today, my husband removes the Star Wars Night Light saber off my son’s wall.  Although our son is 13, and doesn’t need a night light, we keep it because it’s cool.  When you push the remote control button, it flashes a different color each time, while making the swooosh sound.  It’s great wall art and fun in the dark.

My husband comes out with it, and sits on the couch – pushing it a few times to change colors,

“Look, you light me up, hon.”

Except, how it was being held was positioned in front of his wiener.

“Really, hon?”


“I meant that to be cheesy romantic, not dirty.  Uh, but that works too”

as he flashes it through colors very quickly.  Looking at it in a new light.

(sigh) boys and their toys.


10 thoughts on “Whoops – that was kinda dirty

    1. They both are lucky to have each other… Jim.. (And again
      It just happened didn’t it.. The post incidents i mean..)..


    2. Yes. and I have no IDEA how to pack that thing. It’s too big for a box and doesn’t come a part in separate pieces. So it’s bubble wrapped and sitting in our living room.


    3. Sabers are tricky.. The modern ones can be separated.. This one must be an old one.. Just put it in the trunk.. (if you want)..


    4. Hmm.. Try it.. drive it to Oregon.. And if you get a ticket.. ‘You can blame it on me’.. Your son or daughter might have heard this song..


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