Standing on the beach


A Weathered man’s face
crevices defined
Each crack telling of
past Decades in time
eyes penetrating
and piercing the soul
Grit Emanating
His story untold

There is just something about The Cure’s album cover, “Standing on a Beach,” that always makes me take pause.  I never understood.  I think when I was a young high school student, I thought it odd they chose an old man for their cover.  But, what I found even odder, was that I even spent any time thinking about the cover at all.  Who cares.

As time went on, occasionally, I would come across the disc to play and inevitably pause and ponder over it again. Why am I so drawn to this cover?

Since we are preparing to move, and with today’s technology, we thought of selling all our discs.  But I don’t have the heart to sell or give away the years of discs we have accumulated.  There’s such a great collection, and I fear I’ll forget the songs exist and to down load them later.  (Oh, yeah, that one!)  Nor do I want to pay for something (again) when I already own. I went through this when cassette tapes went to CD.  Wait, where’s my “They Might be Giants” CD I think the kids might like some songs…(oh) that was the tape.  (ugh).  One day, something came up and I referenced the infamous “Eat me” on the Beastie Boys Licensed to Ill. – my husband had no clue to the reference, we have it… (My husband, we do?) – oh, no, that was the tape.  Licensed to Ill was a fun album.  Damn it.  (my hubby, I’d remember if we had that one)

So, we decided to keep them, especially for those times when we are driving far and in middle of desert, we have discs to listen to.  It’s a long drive from California to Oregon, which we’ll be doing at the end of August.  Going through the Grape Vine, we’ll need tunes!

As I was packing, again, I came across the “Standing on the Beach,” disc.  We have several, yet the weathered man caught my eye.  What is so damn compelling about this?   It inspired me to attempt a poem, but I don’t know if I did it justice.

And, it only seems appropriate to end with something off The Cure’s, Standing on the Beach Singles.  There are several great songs, and I found this REALLY COOL, old video of them in 1979 – playing “A Forest” and you can actually SEE Robert Smith’s face.  Before black hair, white face and black eyeliner and sunglasses!  I much prefer this look of the band before they faded to black.



15 thoughts on “Standing on the beach

  1. When last we moved, I made sure to transfer all of my CDs to iTunes. I also had a buddy digitize all my vinyl albums so I could get those to iTunes as well. And then I gave away all of my CDs and albums to friends. I must admit that I sometime miss reading those album and CD covers.


    1. Why are you saying sorry, Seriously i am starting to hate this word.. Fandango does that about my comments on poem and music

      Don’t treat me like I am your Dad(pun intended). .. Be the ‘Pant pulling down’ (mine of course).. Friends i know.. Agghhh.. No more of this word Sorry..

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    2. Yeah i am…but Sorry this and Sorry that.. I mean Come on its YOUR site these are YOUR posts.. Why should you care about an ass like me.. (And even if you do care…just don’t say sorry.. Reply me with music lyrics.. Poke me.. Your and Fandango style).. I don’t eat dessert.. But i will come there and scoop one from your fridge.. Right now..


    3. Don’t worry about that…kids are always scared of me…“Your mom has called me to look at your fridge”.. I can fool them.. But your husband will definitely throw me out( because i won’t share it with him)


  2. I know that sometimes people go for the original and yeah tapes are great.. But strangely all CD jackets in our house never stood the chance of remaining as one piece.. And Cassettes always got stuck…

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    1. I know moving can be a hassle.. Yeah.. But yeah it is nice to carry memories.. Hey you know you started a fire.. Maybe because everyone loves music.. Now everyone is posting at least one youtube video with their post.. Even Piper(the poet did it).. People sure love music.. (No wonder they hated my post Noise.. But at least no one bad mouthed anyone..)

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  3. I’m still grappling with the loss of vinyl records! Just you try playing one of those on a phonograph while travelling through the desert. I’m not sure what happens first. Will the needle skip or will your record melt? I guess they’d be safe on a trip to Oregon though. 😀


    1. Ew, melting vinyl, probably pretty smelly…like burning rubber? I’m thinking they are good like frisbees – the vinyl records you don’t like. Oh, Donnie and Marie… FLING – whew! Look at that fly! Or… skeet shooting – that’s what they are really shooting 45 records


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