If Aliens came to earth…

Here’s my post for Manic Monday – song title Manic Monday

The movie, Independence Day, is a favorite of mine to watch each 4th of July.  It stars Will Smith, Harry Connick Jr., Jeff Goldblum, and Judd Hirsch to name a few.  There are so many great characters that the actors gel perfectly.  Since we’ve seen it several times, we tend to now pick up on things in the background and such.

We make more comments, and ask each other more questions… for instance – what would you do if you got up for work, to find huge space ships strategically placed all over the world?  Would you run, or stay put and maybe post a blog about it?  Cuz really, where are you going to go?  The space ships  are all over the world.  Would you be the one on top of the building with Welcome signs?  Either way, it would be a manic Monday, that’s for sure.

According to what we see on the movie, this is what will happen upon discovering ships overhead:

I don’t think I’ll do this, but apparently, lots of people will throw paper up in the air.  Whatever is in the hand will be dropped and scattered across the floor the desk.  And if nothing was in your hands, then you will quickly sweep said hand across the desk to swoop all the papers onto the floor to make it look like you were holding something.  Because all of a sudden, there will be litter everywhere!  Typically, when I’m scared, I freeze and tense up – so if I’m  holding something, you probably won’t be able to pry that sucker from my hands – but all of YOU, apparently, are going to be doing this to display your panic.   (Bunch of litterers!)

Look at the background floor

Then after littering is done, you will all pack your bags and get in the car.  Leaving half the bags on the side of the road.  No one will know the destination, but know you need to get there (and fast)…probably to the next space ship blast zone…but instead, you will be sitting in traffic- stopped – not going anywhere.  It would be faster to walk, but you won’t think of this unless a fire inferno is heading your way.

Those that came to that conclusion of what’s the point, will remain working and muttering:  “Who cares there’s a damn space ship over our building…someone has to put all that filing away that people scattered to the ground.  Bunch of litterers.”

OR…they will be making a sign with glitter and pom-pom balls to Welcome the creatures.  **In the movie, both those people die, but what if the real Aliens mean us no harm?  Then again, what if they are like Gallaxhar, in Monsters vs. Aliens where they can’t make up their mind:

“We come in peace.  We mean you no harm…and you all shall die.”

Again, I say, what would you do?





40 thoughts on “If Aliens came to earth…

  1. Well, that could certainly throw a wrench into one’s week. Manic, indeed! I love that movie, “Independence Day”. Fun challenge! I think I have one to add. When do you post titles and how long do we have to join? Thanks! (I don’t have your email. Mine is on my blog.)


    1. Monday – to Monday! So you have all week, just remember, as people come to the blog, the idea is that they will read other pings. So if you wait too long, you might miss having people see it! There will be a new song title each Monday!


    1. and we all know glitter and WHAM! are pretty irresistible. I’m absolutely certain they would take me. They might spit me back out 30 minutes later, but hey, it’s worth a try!

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    1. I MISSED this comment – and I’m so laughing! Yeah, I’m gonna make myself a sandwich and stare out my window and take a gander while I gather my bloggy mind.

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    1. It was tiring for me, but i love a good challenge and I forgot to even give my suggestion.. Hmm.. Music is Agghhh.. Why it is so revered..?

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    2. Music is great, Sight. Nearly every song I hear fills my mind with visions and mostly delightful memories. Music lifts my spirits and makes me smile. I can’t imagine life without music. It’s anything but “agghhh.”

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    3. Yes, and in fact, a number of poems have been successfully put to music — and vice versa. Are you too young to remember the 1961 hit by Johnny Tillotson, “Poetry in Motion”?


  2. Read my post. It has nothing to do with music. But that is a good challenge. Maybe in next week post I will write a song for Fandango..


  3. And here I was going to go throw the aliens a ticker-tape parade upon their arrival. How was I to know that would be considered littering. I can see it all now: Officer, you don’t understand I wasn’t littering… the aliens are coming! If I was going to litter I’d have to bend over and scoop gobs of the stuff up afterwards… AND THROW IT UP IN THE AIR AGAIN! I promise you I’m not gonna do that. LET SOMEBODY ELSE PICK IT UP! Hey, what’re the cuffs for?


    1. Ok,how did I KNOW, that if you were going to respond… it would be this PARTICULAR POST? Seriously, I said, I bet this brings Paul out of his boxes…he’ll not be able to help himself! And Ticker -tape – I thought you would use the BUBBLE WRAP. Shred it up (since it’s all popped anyway) and toss that up like confetti! Yay!


    2. LMAO!!! I told my wife not to throw that stuff away, I TOLD HER! But did she listen to me? Of course not. All she said was, “I can’t hear a thing you’re saying over all the popping from you guys dancing on that bubble-wrap!” Now all I have is a bunch of empty boxes… AND IT’S A MANIC MONDAY TOO. Uh… I mean Tuesday.


    3. HA! – oh, you will so APPRECIATE my latest post. A must read for your sense of humor. I was like, OMG…Paul and Jim are going to die. Jim was all over that post immediately! haha


  4. A better question than “what would you do” is “what have you done”.

    You see, we live in a rural area, not far from the SPAM Museum and all kinds of alien life passes through. We used to stop whatever we were doing and stare, slack jawed but now, we just throw things at the strange beings. It is not out of malice, mind you, but more that it is what our visitors expect. Oddly, they enjoy the hostility.

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    1. Really? Do they try to “catch” the thrown items like Golden Retrievers? Whenever I see the word SPAM, I think of the show we saw in Vegas, called SPAM-A-LOT parody of Monty Python. (camelot) FUNNY – it had John Clease. why would there ever be a SPAM museum?

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    2. I keep laughing as another thought just entered my head – it’s not like the Rat Race movie where Jon Lovitz and his family stop into the BARBIE museum…in the middle of the desert?


  5. it will be awesome if they came to visit our earth but if they are coming here to raid or capture our planet it will be survival of the fittest game lol


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