Manic Monday Launch – New Challenge


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Starting tomorrow…

I hope you will participate!  I love music from various decades/genres, there isn’t much out there that I don’t enjoy.  Apparently, I also like to participate in challenges (who knew) – so I’m marrying the two and…

…launching Manic Mondays!  For those of you hooked on “challenges” Each Monday, I’ll present a title of a song, it’ll range far and wide in genres and decades.  Bubble Gum Rock, Classic Rock, Glam Rock, Alternative, Folk, New Wave, Punk, Hard rock, Head banger, Country, Hip Hop, Rap, Soul…you name it!

No other rules apply, except to use that title in writing and link it to that week’s post. (ping back).  If not a wordpress user, just provide your post link in the comments.  Your post can compare the original song to another artist’s version of the song, it can be a poem, it can be a fictional/non-fiction piece (however many characters you wish) It can be silly or serious, it’s completely your discretion.

I just want to see how creative people can be…and there are parody songs out there too, so I’m sure it can be challenging, as well.  At the end of your post, offer me a song title suggestion (just 1) to consider in the following weeks.  If selected, I’ll ensure to mention your name!

Stay tuned…


15 thoughts on “Manic Monday Launch – New Challenge

    1. Oh, I know you don’t like music…but I do. I like almost everything. All kinds. Half the time, I’m reminded of some phrase in a movie, a song, or title of something. That’s how I figure out some of my blog posts. I need something a little more fun and upbeat. (ha, ha, funny I chose that word completely by accident) And you don’t have to be a fan of music, we’re simply using the TITLE of a song to do a writing piece. I see song lyrics as poems anyway. Are they truly any different? But again, it’s just the title – to be used in any function that has nothing to do with music. (unless you want it to)

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    2. I know your love for music.. And I was the first to know your love for contests..(yes, it was me)… Let me think about that.. Also there will be rules right.. I can’t wait to see how a free minded person like you will write those.. Must be an uphill task..


    3. The rules are, there are no rules. (see, a reference to the movie Rat Race) – actually, they are minimal. Like Just use the title in the post. Link if you want. (or not)


    4. Classic Sandi style.. Well let me see the first topic and your posts.. And than if I am brave enough.. I will post.. Already the photographers have kicked me out of weekly photo prompt challenge.. I hope Music Fans..won’t do the same.. You and Fandango are seriously into music.. So I don’t want to offend anyone..


    5. No, see…I just like the tune – I never know lyrics (often making them up) I have no clue what a song is about most of the time (because I don’t care) – I rarely know singers names (forget drummer or guitarist) unless they are hugely known. I have to look that stuff up. OH and hint – you’ll like this title. It cane easily apply… Whether dark and twisty / inner turmoil or humor. So I feel confident you’ll like it -should apply to history just fine too? (I think) – I didn’t even know what the band Styx was named after – my husband explained it to me over the weekend. I felt lame.


    6. Get some sleep Sandi.. A new battle awaits you tomorrow.. And don’t feel lame.. I too don’t know it.. Half of the planet doesn’t..

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