Hurricane Meow

This is how we roll in my household.

It’s a lazy Sunday morning.  I had just finished my post for the Daily Prompt and went into the kitchen for a cup of coffee, and my daughter (the subject of Bed Head – today’s Savage prompt) – still has her hair unbrushed, still in her pjs, rolled in a blanket and flopped on couch…controlling the living room television.

Normally, the t.v. has on those tween Disney Shows, or an annoying you Tube couple playing a video game.  (the girl’s voice is very annoying – maybe because she sounds like me… to which I always yell, “turn it down!”)

BUT TODAY…was something completely different.  My 11-year-old announced she was watching the Top 10 Worst Hurricanes.  And I was one of them!

“You’re watching the weather Channel?”

“Yes!  And you killed 6 cats…and one was a baby!” (her voice turned accusing and whined when she said baby)

Never mind any people, you pet killer!  At that point in time, I wanted to point out, that hurricane was Sandy, with a “Y” and NOT Sandi, with an “I” (feeling like I was in grade school again, correcting the teacher)  Instead,  I inquired what number Hurricane Sandy fell in on the Top 10.  At this point, my husband comes strolling over with his coffee…

“You were #8.”

“Well, at least it wasn’t the worst.”

“Yeah, but you killed all those people’s cats.”

And just like that, regardless of “Y” or “I” – mistaken identity-  I’m a cat killer

“Gosh mom…oh, it’s because you’re allergic” (all understanding now)

Time to just give in…I guess when I blew my nose, it wiped out the little meow’ers.   So NOT my fault.  I’m going to return to my room now, and drink my coffee in peace.


18 thoughts on “Hurricane Meow

    1. Oh yes! I’m quite pleased the kids are finally starting to pick up dry sense-of-humors. They need to take it a little better, but at least they are getting humor that is not just slapstick.


    2. I told you, I don’t make this stuff up – I simply report it – and from time to time embellish as necessary for easier reading. However, was a snapshot of our conversation. That’s life in my house! 🙂


    1. You have a life. Don’t worry.. it is my problem. If anything at all happens i will let you know.. Don’t waste your time..


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