Bed Head

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Bed Head

No sound this quiet morning

Wait! I hear a noise stirring

Moaning, groaning, padding  feet

worried what I’m soon to meet

Ack!  A savage creeps toward me

Wild hair and eyes can’t see

Holy heck!  crazy scary

with No face, just all hairy

its mouth opens wide with yawn

and out come words, morning mom



17 thoughts on “Bed Head

    1. thank you – I can’t respond on your site. It allows me to start a comment – but there’s no SEND button. If I hit “enter” it just advances more lines in my comment. I exited out and re-entered and still not send button to release comment.


    2. Hi Sandi. On my site, the POST COMMENT button is kinda transparent but it’s to the right of the “Notify me of new comments by email” and beneath the “W” WordPress symbol. If you hover over it, it darkens. Hope that helps.


    3. Thanks for the heads up. The WordPress theme I chose for my blog has some visibility issues but I like its minimalist style so much.

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    4. I did it – I scrolled all around your page the other day, and must have just missed the word lighting up. Yeah, I understand about liking a certain design style, but just know, others may have issues finding it too. I just hate for you to miss out on communications! Comments are fun!

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    1. I am happy.. But now i have to do this to everyone I wish to comment.. Hopefully by that time the people will realise I am not a spammer. Imagine i saved them deleting comments from those spammers. In the end labelled as one..

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    2. Wouldn’t that suck. It might just be easier to copy your blog post content – and make new site to SIGHT 12… all depends on how many people you have to do this with. I’m wondering if anyone else experienced the same big SPAM attack as you did – and they too are now being listed as spammers and facing the same issue you are?

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    3. I don’t know it is crazy that is for sure. Poor Fandango he helped me. Just like me he checks his spam folder daily.. Imagine if he cleared it all.. No wonder he is Momus..


    4. I told you except for hurting someone you can do everything with your imagination.. Read it to the little one.. I can imagine her smiling..


    5. NO – in fact, this has to be hidden. She’s 11 and would kill me! She heard my conversation with dad this morning… “Wait, what about me? Did you write about me?” (uh, no. No I didn’t)

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