It’s Hard to remember Mike

The Watermelon one is DELISH! YUM!

Last night, as we were returning home from the city’s movie-in-the-park…my husband and I were talking about what we needed to pick up from the store for the following day’s get together.

Since we are moving out of state soon, I decided to invite my stepdad and mom over, and my mom’s high school girlfriends (yes, they still see each other and hang out), and work friend that all had a key role in raising me in my early years.  (A single, working mom opted for the Beatles advice seeking a little help from her friends -vs. Rolling Stones of taking a Mother’s little Helper.)

So…I want to see this group of people before we leave, because they are just SUPER FUN, that tease and tease and have known me forever.  We need to make sure we have some food and drink!   What’s good on a hot summer day?

“Hey, let’s get some more of Mark’s Hard Lemonade.”

As soon as I said it, I paused a beat and realized my mistake.  But at the same time, my husband said as I blurted out

“That’s the no name brand version  (me) / That the Costco Brand?  Is Mark, Mike’s cousin (him)?”

AND WE BOTH STARTED LAUGHING  Again, I’ve said several times before,

“…and this is why we are married.”



2 thoughts on “It’s Hard to remember Mike

  1. Sandi, this is totally off topic, but Sight asked me to let you know that his comments are not showing up others’ blogs. When I learned of this from him, I checked my spam folder and found six comments from him on my posts that were marked as spam. So if you haven’t gotten any comments from him since earlier today, check your WordPress spam folder and mark his comments as not spam. He also wrote a post called “Help” today. Check it out and read the comments there.

    And oh yes, I enjoyed this post of yours.


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