Icky Vicky

Today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt is the word ICK

# SoCS

The SoCS challenge means writing with no editing, (typos can be fixed) and minimal planning on what you’re going to write.

I laughed because I immediately thought of Icky Vicky.  My cousin and his wife had a daughter, and she was playing with my brother.  We have no idea what they got into, but they were filthy.  Their hands were disgusting and nearly a box of baby wipes was used to clean the sticky, icky stuff caked on their hands.  In frustration her mom cried:

“How did you get so icky, Vicky?”

And then laughed and said that was kinda funny, because it rhymed.

That was her nick-name as a toddler.  Of course, as she got older, we weren’t allowed to call her that…but whenever I hear or see this word, that’s immediately what I think of.


18 thoughts on “Icky Vicky

  1. Hmm.. No one told me about it.. You and Fandango already posted.. Should i do it too..? By the way Great post.. So you wrote all of this without contemplating.. Great..

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    1. If you feel like participating? There doesn’t seem to be as much activity on the boards during the weekend. I’m will to try something new.

      Mine was just a quick snap-shot memory. No effort involved, I’m one of those people when you talk to me, and ask me a question – I’ll tell you a quick story – often time, I lose my audience. I just wanted to know the time…but I replied with OH, so the other day I walking and guess what happened! I’ll answer the question eventually…but often lose my audience before I get there! Hahah 🙂

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    2. They don’t get my serious post. Look at Fandango he liked my post.. And I thought he understood it.. Than got a comment from another person saying he liked it, but it ended abruptly.. Sigh! I told him what the post meant…But don’t give like just for the sake of it..

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    3. Just stay true to who you are, while still trying to attempt new things. Trust me. There are several (and I mean several) serious writers out there. I had another blog a years ago, and I was always coming across the tortured soul – those dealing with inner turmoil, some dealing with depression, cancer, various diseases. Just mix up the serious (or dark) with some lighter posts in between. I had one really close blogger pal that had nothing wrong with her physically, and we became facebook friends…and all of her posts were always gloomy. How women are treated in the world/work place and she’s a teacher and there’s no $$ in the system for arts, and … it got to the point, I stopped reading and commenting. I stopped visiting her FB page. She was too much of a downer most of the time. so I propose to be serious and true to who you are, just mix it up with light material too.

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